1. Ice Fishing Tournament on Pike Lake! Open to the public. See the image for info.

  2. Details: 14 in. Spot Bass with a Ned Rig (PB&J)

  3. Details: 13 in. Spot Bass with a BPS Speed shad (Silver/White)

  4. Details: 8 in. Sm Bass with a White Grub

  5. Details: 14 in. Spot Bass with a BPS Speed Shad (White/Silver)

  6. Details: 14 in. Spot Bass with a Ned Rig (PB&J)

  7. Went out to Shabbona this past saturday. Weather was around 80 degrees and bluebird skies. Between my brother and I we got 3 bass in 6 hours of fishing. All three ...more were caught on the outside of the weedlines and they seemed to be keying in on baitballs of shad. Here is a picture of our biggest of the day.

    1. Kevin Gross 0
      Jose, we fished anywhere from 2 feet to 12 feet, but i would say all 3 of our bites came along the outside weed edge in 7 to 10 feet of water.
    2. Jose Marquez 0
      Sweet. ... how deep would you say you fished?
    3. Jon Giacalone 0
      Sounds like it was a tough day, but at least you guys came away with something. Thanks for the report!
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  8. Fished in the BFL Saturday with my brother Jeffery, both on the non-boater side. Rough day weather-wise; hot, humid, and bluebird skies. the fishing wasn't to ...more great either. Jumped around from spot to spot all day fishing drop offs between 20 and 40 ft. Water temps were in the mid 80s and relatively clear. Only caught one bass on a drop shot, it was short so i blanked in the tourney.

    1. Nic Campbell 0
      I fished in the fishers of men tourney last Saturday too. We ended up winning it with five pounds and three fish. Caught probably 15 short ones but we were the only ...more ones to have a decent day. Caught them on points in 5-10 ft of water mostly on Senkos and a few on crankbaits
  9. Heading out to do a little bass fishing Friday on the south half of the lake. Any reports on water clarity, temperature, recent catches, etc. Any information would ...more be appreciated, thanks guys!

  10. Bedding fish between two laydowns

    LG Bass with a Berkley Rocket Craw

    1. Kevin Gross 0
      Actually I didnt see the fish or the bed. I just flipped the bait between the two logs and it felt like it got stuck. I started pulling it then it pulled back so ...more I set the hook into this nice 3.75lb fish! It was quite the fighter, took a little to get him into the net.
    2. Jon Giacalone 0
      Nice bass for the Lagoons! Did it strike right away or did you have to coax it awhile?
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Fishing Favorites

  • Species Largemouth Bass
  • Waterway Pierce Lake IL
  • Lure Wacky Rigged Senko,