1. I've got a tournament coming up in June, anyone have information on bass fishing for the time of year?

    1. Kevin Gross 0
      Good tips, thanks for the help Preston
    2. Preston Turner 0
      Depending on the water temp and what stage the fish are at in june. Most of the time the fish will move to main lake points in the summer there. Ive also cought ...more them flipping any tree or brush i could find on the shore line (the more isolated the better). Most bigger tournaments are won fishing main lake points. I usually go there in July for tournaments, when its the heat of summer. With this year being so cold it might be a little different.
    3. Kevin Gross 0
      Chris, have you fished here during the summer? What are the main patterns for summer bass on Shelbyville?
    4. chris lesniak 0
      there seems to be no fish lol its tough
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  2. Details: Submerged island

    Submerged island with a large flat on one side, steep drop on the other. Also near a point.


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  • Species Largemouth bass
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