1. 1 lb. 3 oz. Largemouth Bass with a Z-Man Chatterbait Z

    1. Sammy Young 0
      Checkout my group, Southwest Missouri Anglers
  2. Details: 1 lb. 1 oz. 14 in. Largemouth Bass with a Z-Man 3/8 oz Chatterbait Z

    1. Sammy Young 0
      Nice way to start a Saturday.
  3. How's everyone's winter fishing? Unfortunately I've not had much time to hit the water. Hopefully you all have!

    1. Rich Pardy 0
      The lakes here in Illinois have skimmed over with ice but not enough to get out on the lakes so we are stuck in the waiting game for safe ice so no fishing for me ...more lately.
  4. This guy hit my Big Bite Swim bait within seconds of splashdown. He fought like a monster, and the only reason I added him was not his size or species, but the ...more fight within. Gotta love smallies.

    Smallmouth Bass with a 5" swim bait on jig head

  5. Largemouth Bass with a Spinnerbait

    1. Taylor Young 0
    2. Rich Pardy 0
      Nice bass Taylor!
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  6. Largemouth Bass with a 1/2 oz spinner bait

    1. Taylor Young 0
      The colors of these chunks are always so great.
  7. 1 lb. 6 oz. 14 in. Largemouth Bass with a 7.5" YUM Ribbontail worm

    1. Taylor Young 0
      Oh they are feisty! Love every minute of it.
    2. Rich Pardy 0
      Nice bass, looks like you had a good day.
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  8. 1 lb. 15 in. Largemouth Bass with a 7.5" YUM Ribbontail worm

  9. Had a great birthday thanks to my family and friends! Got some new fishing toys, and heard great news from Fishidy! Exciting day!

    1. Tim Swartz 0
      Glad to meet you too Taylor, and yes I am fortunate to live here near the Western Basin of Lake Erie. While I mainly Bass fish, sometimes it's nice to have the ...more option to chase after some Walleye or Yellow Perch er even Crappie for a good fish fry. And Lake Erie has a closed season on Black Bass from pretty much end of April until June, to protect spawning fish which I totally support. But its either drive an hour or hour and a half to Inland Lakes or fish for somthing else. Anyhow good talk hope you have an excellent weekend, and I'm sure we'll " chat" again. Tim Swartz
    2. Taylor Young 0
      Great to meet you, my birthday is also Sept. 17. Sounds like you've got some great waters to fish!
    3. Tim Swartz 0
      Hi Taylor Was looking over the Ambassador program team, I just joined and saw your intro. Thought I'd ay hey by the way what is your B-day mine is Sept. 17th, ...more '67 just ask cause your post on 18th said 'had a great B day! Anyhow I live in N.W. Ohio right near Lake Erie, which of course is famous for its Walleye and Smallmouth but in recent years the Largemouth pop. had exploded lots of fish 15-18" with many 4.5 to 5 Lbers. Well I sure we will 'talk' again. Tim
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I fish every chance I get, and I love exploring new waterways. I'm constantly trying to learn something new, and I love night fishing. I've ...more been fishing my whole life, but the last few years I've become much more serious about it. I have a beard, and it gives me special fishing powers.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Bass and Crappie
  • Waterway Table Rock Lake, James River-Greene County MO
  • Lure Yum 7.5" Ribbontail worm- Tequila Sunrise and a Z-Man Chatterbait-Black and Blue