1. Caught while sail trolling in my Hobie Adventure Island

    19 in. Spanish Mackerel with a Walmar 3in crankbait silver and blue

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      where theres one, many others☺
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      nice fish
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  2. Caught in channel on Hobie kayak.

    29 in. Snook with a soft bait

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      What canal
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      erred error in
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  3. Caught in channel on kayak.

    29 in. Snook with a soft bait

  4. I have started to explore fishing the Willamette via a small boat with no engine or depth finder, and could use some help. I may open a new thread but so far these ...more are my findings.

    Anyone I have talked to about sturgeon in the area between Harrisburg and Corvallis attest to seeing many while floating during the spring-fall time period. There are several reports of friends catching them, however, no one ever seems to have caught one themselves.

    I have managed one float so far from Irish bend county park to Peoria Park (Float time 4 Hours without a motor).

    Irish Bend County Park
    Monroe, OR 97456
    Peoria County Park
    Corvallis, OR 97333

    Using a rod and 3 ounce weight I have only managed to find one deep hole (40+ ft) and several trench-like areas (20-35ft deep).

    Deep hole:
    About 1 mile upriver of Peoria Park. There is a large bird house and some sort of constructed tree/riverside (mainly made up of branches and pallets) right above it. The water whirlpools right where it's at.
    Lat: 44°26'2.99"N
    Long: 123°12'54.17"W

    Trench like areas:
    While the confluence of the Long Tom seems to come up a lot in this discussion when I floated by it didn't seem that deep maybe 20-30ft at the upriver end of it. However, I did see several bald eagles on the beach eating a chinook (cool sight to watch). So maybe there are some fish up through there.
    25023 Ingram Island E Pl
    Halsey, OR 97348 ‎ 0.2 mi S

    There were two other areas along this float, one was marked by an iron constructed retaining wall, the other was a sharp curve that turned into a deeper trench with a beach on the opposite side. However, these I didn't manage to map on the GPS or find clear land markers.

  5. Details: Waterloo Falls

    Steelhead, Chinook, Rainbow Trout

  6. Went fishing Friday, fish started hitting at 6:00pm. We were using a blue castmaster and a brown rooster tail. Launched a small boat by the dam and fished all up ...more and down there.

  7. Details: EE Wilson Pond

    Trout stocked by ODFW

  8. Just stocked this week, heading out today.

  9. EE wilson stocked, caught my limit in just under 2 hours.

  10. Water level is extremely low. No bites after 4 hours of fishing. Used power bait on the bottom/top, a buzz bomb, and a shiner setup. Not a thing.

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      So we have been fishing up and down Foster and haven't found anything. I'm pretty sure we've got one fish.🐟🐠