1. Details: Other Freshwater with a Deleting

    I will be deleting this account. If any body wants to see what I'm doing my Instagram is @az_fisher1 I will keep it for 1 hour to answer any questions. @mullethead ...more @bassinboy01 how do I delete my account?

    1. Colby Teall 0
      Ok thanks @MulletHead
    2. Gabe Mitchell 0
      We'll delete manually later this week.
    3. Colby Teall 0
      I'll just wait til @MulletHead answers
    4. atxflyfishing 0
      Just do a bunch of bad stuff so u get banned
    5. Colby Teall 0
      @MulletHead please let me know how to delete.
    6. Colby Teall 0
      I never really use it. Do u know how to delete it @crookcody19
    7. crookcody19 0
      Why are you deleting?
    8. Colby Teall 0
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  2. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Custom crankbait

    Little bass I caught on a custom crankbait

    1. RyanEllis 0
      Just PMED you. Please respond ASAP
    2. Tyrone Smith 0
      Nice one
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  3. Details: Butterfly Peacock Bass with a Custom bluegill crankbaits

    Some bluegill crankbaits I have going out to a guy in Florida to catch some peacock bass, snook, and tarpon. Give a cred if you'd use them.

    1. Donald Myers 0
      Those look sweet man.
    2. Colby Teall 0
      @FishForFood no these were on blanks.
    3. Isaac Carey 0
    4. Cale Ellingson 0
      Looks great, I'd definitely throw them
    5. corey 0
      did you make them from a mold ?
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  4. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Custom lures

    Some frog lures I've been working on. Same color I caught a 7 lb bass on.

    1. garrett weiss 0
      Great job keep it up
  5. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Custom lures

    Some frog crankbaits and poppers I did. Same color I caught a 7 lb bass on.

  6. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Custom lures

    Some crankbaits and a popper I did a few days ago. How do they look? Anything I should add?

    1. King_Fisher 0
      Dude your lures always look sick!
    2. TexasAngler89 0
      Love that texture
    3. Josh Parker 0
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  7. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Custom swimbait

    Sorry I haven't posted for a while. Been busy. But here's a swimbait I just finished. How does it look? Give a cred if you'd use it.

    1. thebassmaster13 0
      what swim bait was that before you painted it? @az_fisher1
    2. garrett weiss 0
      Looks great bet it will work great
    3. ATLlakemaster98 0
      It will bro just fish it with confidence and you will catch fish I promise you
    4. Colby Teall 0
      Oh ok. Thanks. I hope if works good. @ATLlakemaster98
    5. ATLlakemaster98 0
      You could catch fish all day like that with that kind of bait
    6. ATLlakemaster98 0
      Like cool. You would slam some big bass on that. I've cought many big bass on small bluegull immatations suck as the mattlures U2 that would be a great bait. ...more Check my U2 fish out
    7. Colby Teall 0
      @ATLlakemaster98 this might sound dumb but what does dank mean?
    8. Colby Teall 0
      Thanks @Lunk_Lifestyle
    9. ATLlakemaster98 0
      Looks dank
    10. Lunk_Lifestyle 0
      Looks amazing
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  8. Details: Smallmouth Bass with a Smallmouth fishing

    I'm gonna be going smallmouth fishing from today until Tuesday. Does anyone have tips in catching them? Thanks

    1. Joe Olsem 0
      Live frogs and bait fish work the best for me. The biggest I would use being about 3-4in. But keep in mind their name in smallmouth for a reason. So keep the bait ...more fairly small.
    2. Donald Myers 0
      Crank baits
    3. Chuck LaBruna 0
      ...work for you. Don't be afraid to C-rig for em either. Especially with the Senkos. Rig weedless
    4. Chuck LaBruna 0
      A number of lures will work. Make sure you have Senkos, crayfish imitations, tubes, even live bait would work. Lake Powell is a little different as the Smallies ...more don't get really big, but those should.
    5. Colby Teall 0
      But the weather is clear and 80-95 degrees @wyldechylde77
    6. Colby Teall 0
      Lake Powell @wyldechylde77 and I'm actually not there yet. I'll let u know once I get there.
    7. Chuck LaBruna 0
      Where are you going, and what do the weather and water conditions look like?
    8. the_amanator 0
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  9. Details: Black Crappie with a H2o express square bill chartreuse/blue

    First crappie in almost a year. Big one to. 1.2 lbs. caught on a h2o squarebill. Casted right under the fountain where I knew there was some shad and got this guy. ...more Good fishing. Caught on a medium steady retrieve. Bouncing it along the bottom in about 3 FOW. 8 lb mono. 7 ft MH rod. Green water and the bottom was rocks. Full sun with no wind. 105 degrees.

    1. Colby Teall 0
      I'll have to try that. I'll just have to find a way to sneak in @AZswimbaits4days
    2. AZswimbaits4days 0
      I've been there once a LONG time ago. But I heard gainey ranch golf course is good but it's got a fence all the way around. Like a jail or something
    3. Colby Teall 0
      Have u been there before? @AZswimbaits4days
    4. AZswimbaits4days 0
      Haha yeah I've only been told they were gunna call the cops but they never did.. Idk why it's such a big deal!
    5. Colby Teall 0
      Found 3 new ponds to fish. Just have to figure out a way in since there private @AZswimbaits4days
    6. Colby Teall 0
      Ya more then 20 times. Had the cops called on us 3 times and had people chase us 2 times. We know all the escape routes so we can get away. I go back cause it's ...more such good fishing. @AZswimbaits4days
    7. AZswimbaits4days 0
      Did you get kicked out of that lake?
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  10. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Custom splatter crankbait

    New custom crankbait. I really like the way it turned out. The cool thing about it is that when u put it in the light it becomes totally transparent. Comment how ...more it looks. Give a cred if you'd use it.

    1. Colby Teall 0
      @atxflyfishing do u know how to delete it?
    2. Colby Teall 0
      Idk. I don't use it at all and it put all my information online. @atxflyfishing
    3. atxflyfishing 0
      Why you deleting account?
    4. Travis Henderson 0
      I'm not sure about the colors, but you never know it might be the next best bait!
    5. Colby Teall 0
      Thanks! @King_Fisher @flybob @bankfisher @aftica2
    6. aftica2 0
      If i was a bass i would eat that even if i knew there was a hook on it
    7. Awesome way to go think out of the box
    8. dillon juarez 0
      That's awesome
    9. King_Fisher 0
      Looks good!
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