1. Can anyone recommend a rod, reel and all the other equipment I would need to start fishing at falls lake? I'd like to catch a variety of fish not just one type

    1. aaron lawrence 0
      I also saw this ....Pflueger Trion Spinning Rod and Reel Combo....for $60 which seemed like a good deal
    2. aaron lawrence 0
      Thanks Bob, so something like the Pflueger President 6900 and the Ugly Stik GX2 rod?
    3. Bob Adams 0
      6' medium spinning rod and a spinning reel with 7 or more bearing with 10lb test smooth casting line. Any lure or bait will catch fish there.
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  2. Black Crappie with a jig

    1. Kareem Terry 0
      krappie ketchumz, no sir
    2. King Ketchum 0
      Good haul. Was this at one of the marinas?
    3. Kareem Terry 0
      u are correct
    4. Bennett Montgomery 0
      I think those are black crappie but nice catch either way
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  3. My sons first Bass! he didn't wanna hold it! lol

    Bass with a live

  4. another crappie head enjoying the night

    crappie with a live

  5. enjoying night fishing with fellow crappie heads

    crappie with a live


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