1. hows the season been for ya? been slow for me finally got a yak to stop grass bassin

  2. tug boat came through..took shoreline through the sand dock region hope if you were there ya safe..i was off the point at fricanos.i could hear the ice cracking ...more near by so not risking my life or equipment...2nd street had alot of tents on it ...stay safe yall

    1. Tj . 0
      yeah i checked 2nd street and i guess the ice got pushed about a foot onto shore..ya might not feel it but it was moving
    2. Jimbo Harwood 0
      damn.. that's crazy.. hope know one got hurt...
    3. Justin L 0
      Yeah I seen it from over by the red buoy. Darn thing messed up the fishing.
    4. wicked walleye 0
      I was there also, on the other side where the tug was headed strait for me to get Grand Valley Research Center, I was running with tip-ups in tow ,running back ...more to the wall, thought I was done for, just when I was starting to get jumbo Yellow's,
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  3. any luck for yall today..white lake or muskegon? I had my day cut short thanks to a bad sitter...I seen 2nd street was very popular this morn.

  4. caught some perch on Whitelake last sat...sadly the theater hates ice fisherman but loves hunters

    1. Tj . 0
  5. oh boy that ice is just around the corner

  6. I heard salmon were in the arms is this a hoax?

  7. bass with a dropshot pumpkinseed worm

    1. Tj . 0
      fun catch took me in the weeds and sat there had to wait this lil guy out no horseing with 8lb line
  8. have you been out much lately? went out and hit heritage landing nothing there and duck lake with my lady a few days ago and got 4 on drop shot watermelon was ...more the color for me

    1. Tj . 0
      hit the channel today dropshotin for smallies no bite but did get a lrgmouth
    2. Tj . 0
      nice I pulled a nice lil hog there last year.. I haven't frogged much this year been dying to though just don't get to hit the morning run much..got one ...more on a dropshot between the slabs on the point a few days ago and missed 2 others.....good luck out there tight lines
    3. Aaron Bassmouth 0
      pulled a decent largemouth out of the back bridge section at heritage on a frog late evening
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  9. I am ready for spring the ice has been nice butit's time to go my thumb is getting itchy.


I catch and release bass...fishing can be a very humbling and relaxing thing to do.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species bass..large/or small mouth...salmon and perch
  • Waterway muskegon bank areas
  • Lure frogin ,dropshotin ,flipin ,crankin