1. Post some places for us to try when I am down in Riverton.

  2. 30 lbs

    catfish with a crankbait

  3. Stringray with a Shrimp


I fish all over NE and Central Wisconsin, upper peninsula Michigan, SW Florida, SE Kansas, NE Oklahoma and SW Missouri. Bass is the primary species ...more I target, especially smallmouth...love the fight. I also enjoy catching pike, walleye, crappie and bluegill. Just love going and and catching whatever's biting, even drum!

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Smallmouth Bass
  • Waterway Menominee River
  • Lure Crankbaits on my S-Glass rod and Biffle Hard Head w/ soft plastics on my Falcon Bucoo. Also love BPS Johnny Morris Carbonlite reel. BPS Pro Qualifiers are very good, too.