1. need some river drop way points south of paris landing for bass..got a big tournament fri and sat...cant get away from work till wed to pre fish...thanks 4 any help

  2. Shannon, taking a trip to Northern end of Barkley. Heading down April 4th. What's the latest & greatest? Thanks buddy!

    1. shannon west 0
      small crawfish red crankbait..jerkbaits..rattle traps...middle to back of bays..water temp 55 yesterday..some blood on tails..fish around 2nd dairy channles running ...more toward the back
  3. hey bro.....had a 7.1 yesterday cranking 6xd........on flats in mouth of bays...... had a 20 pound sack in 6 hrs..the big females...stagging

    1. shannon west 0
      chart..brown back...mouth of blood bro
    2. Ted Myers 0
      I'm damn jealous. Wish I could fall out my back door and be on those lakes. You get them on the KY side down near Paris? I haven't even got a line wet ...more yet or my Bullet on the water.
    3. Ted Myers 0
      Damn nice fish and bag Shannon. How deep and what color 6XD, shad color with a blue/chart back?
    4. shannon west 0
      lol...yeah i herd...thats crazy
    5. Don Sanders 0
      Thats awesome Shannon--I fish KY a lot and I havent been catching them good at all--It took 33 pds to win my tournament out of Paris last weekend and 33 was alson ...more second!
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  4. fished last sat got 2nd on ky......no ice then...jerkbaits and rattletraps

  5. hey nick....shannon west here..got a 2nd place on the cast tournment.17 boats...jerkbait and rtrap....halfway back in bays ,10 to3 feet close to deep water.had 14.9..took ...more 16.3.to win..out of fenton on ky.we went south

  6. fishing ky lake sat..been bad cold it will be tuff....any help out there..thanks

    1. Nace Austin 0
      Caught 1 13" White last Saturday in Panther on a minnow. According to the fishfinder they seemed to be in the 12'-15' range. I think I will attempt ...more the mouth of West Sandy tomorrow and see what it holds.
    2. Dee Harrison 0
      I wish you luck. I am heading down there 3/10 and fishing around Kings Creek Marina. Yeah its cold there, but its warmer than here in Indiana. We have 18" ...more ice here. My first time to Ky Lake.
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