1. Smallmouth Bass with a tube

    1. Tim Steinmetz
      Nice bass, and cool picture!
  2. hammered LM on a swimjig + frog. caught them pretty good even with the front that came through. can't believe water was warmer than the air which got down to ...more 57!

    largemouth with a swimjig

    1. Steven Preston
      WTG , Beauty
    2. Tim Steinmetz
      Awesome bass, Kate! You've been catching some nice ones lately!
    3. Rick Hunt
    4. Jon Giacalone
      Rock'n it, great catch Kate!
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  3. bed fishing

    smallmouth with a keitech

    1. Rich Pardy
      Nice smallie and awesome pic.
    2. Tim Steinmetz
      Tearing up the nice smallies! Nice catch!
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  4. Squam Lake was a success!

  5. Details: rocky shoreline some beds

  6. Details: shoreline 14ft with rocks and wood

  7. Details: 14ft drop off with tree! 5-14-30ft

  8. tops of submerged tall trees 30ft unreal

    1. Rich Pardy
      Crappie and Bass city!!
    2. Kate Dattilo
    3. Tim Steinmetz
      Looks like a great spot! I fish one lake that has lots of flooded timber and it is one of the best bass lakes I've seen.
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  • Species Largemouth & Smallmouth
  • Waterway Candlewood lake