1. I caught this beautiful native brookie while out in the woods for my job in northern Maine. 10 inches long out of a little creek

    Brook Trout with a rapala floater

  2. One of my first ever fish that only started my addiction to fishing.

    Bluegill with a Trusty worm and Bobber

  3. Last weekend my buddies and I competed in the Long Lake Ice Fishing Derby in Sinclair Maine. Had a great time on the ice for 2 straight days (even though the ice ...more was wicked cold at night) ended up getting 124 perch and a brookie. all in all a weekend to remember.

  4. Saw a boil forming and rolled a blue and silver lipless crankbait over a rock bed just up from a dam. my ultralight bent in half and i was in for a great fight

    Largemouth Bass with a Lipless crankbait

    1. Cody Rubner 0
      Hey sweet ya caught me bait ;)
  5. Wasnt exactly a big fish but it was a beautiful fish

    Small mouth Bass with a White Rapala

  6. Caught at a Scout Reservation in Pennsylvania. Measured 30 inches and 8 pounds

    Chain Pickerel with a booyah double willow blade spinner


Good ol' Jersey boy. Grew up fishing ponds and streams near me. graduated to large mouth, trout and pickerel. Now up here in Maine for school ...more fishing rivers for smallies and whatever else will hit.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species trout/salmon
  • Waterway Anywhere with fish
  • Lure flies