1. heard anything about Monroe bass lately ?...Im struggling

    1. brayden Zagel 0
      throw that red dirt bladed jig it ill catch em good.
    2. Ethan Shaw 0
      hmm i dont get to monroe a whole lot but this is what i know. I know that the fish are in the spawn (some still pre spawn) If the water temp is above 62 look for ...more spawning bass. If its below that, I would look for docks in 6-8 feet of water with good spawning grounds on the bank. The fish will use the docks as a transition area. Use a nail weighted trick worm and a baby brush hog on a shakey head. Fish the whole dock, especially the back sides. Also, look for main lake flats in 4-10 feet of water that have some steep drop offs near them. Throw a lipless crankbait or (my favorite bait for the flats) a red dirt bait company bladed jig with a small swimbait trailor. Fish the flat part (not the drop off). Hope this helps.
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  2. Any updates ???

    1. Fishin Shedd 0
      Only 5 bass in this lake, GOOD LUCK! LOL Yes, there are some nice bass. Try the other side of the lake.
    2. Steve Curtsinger 0
      There are Bass in this lake right ....lol...maybe Im to focused on the flooded grass and bushes...or the wrong side of the lake
    3. Fishin Shedd 0
      Reports of nice catfish being caught is the flooded areas. Anglers are catching crappie and bluegill also. We have had a few reports of bass being caught with ...more spinners.
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  3. on 8 lb line...fish weighed in at 8 lb 2 oz

    Largemouth Bass with a shakey head

  4. never been to Monroe going for a few days this week...bass fishing..any help would be greatly appreciated

    1. Steve Curtsinger 0
      I know the one was a bass i threw into the fork of a laydown and saw it blow up on it...the other one I never saw...I need to figure something out before the 10th...or ...more stay home wish I had more pre fish time to learn the lake more and what baits work ..Thanks for the vote Scott..I'll do the same
    2. Scott S 0
      By the way....I voted for your braggin board entry....I have one posted on there also
    3. Scott S 0
      A few years back, I was fishing a tournament at Monroe and hooked into a beast.....I thought......turned out to be a big channel cat that hit a chrome crank bait...lol
    4. Steve Curtsinger 0
      they are holding water as far as I know...water color was good the wind muddied up some of the submerged Island stuff I was fishing..wish I could have at least seen ...more either of the 2 I hooked to know whether they were the right species..but they were hefty
    5. brad dillingham 0
      hey scott sorrell or ethan shaw..are either of you close enogh to the lake to know what the water looks like after the rain this week..if creeks are all blown outdont ...more really nwant to drive 3 hours each way for sat tourney
    6. Scott S 0
      It's hard to say which way to go...I do know that fish stay in the "slow" side of the lake year round. It sounds like you did find some fish.
    7. Steve Curtsinger 0
      Not at all Scott...water is up...looked right..I caught one short and broke off 2 fish up in the grass/bushes..I fished up by the dam...should have went the other ...more direction maybe
    8. Scott S 0
      Did you have any luck at Monroe?
    9. Steve Curtsinger 0
      6 lber is a nice Indiana fish...hope to see a few this weekend
    10. Scott S 0
      I'm not sure about the conditions at Monroe, but Sunday I fished a smaller reservoir that had water temps around 52 deg. and the 6 pounder that I caught was ...more on a crankbaIt, in 7 feet of water. This tells me that they are starting to move to staging areas for spawning. I would start out a little deeper until mid day temps go up.
    11. Steve Curtsinger 0
      sweet...I don't mind the idle if there's fish to be caught..any idea where the fish are in the staging process...water temps ?
    12. Scott S 0
      Yes....anything east of Cutright ramp is a idle zone.......that's the only problem fishing those two forks is the slow ride to get there, but it is worth it ...more in the spring.
    13. Steve Curtsinger 0
      Thanks Scott..i keep hearing fast side and slow side so Im taking for granted there is a speed limit on parts of the lake..
    14. Scott S 0
      Middle Fork Salt Creek is a great early spring area
    15. brad dillingham 0
      let us know how you do...going down in a couple of weeks..new to lake also..ethan shaw posted some helpful tips to my log..good luck
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  5. Details: good when pulling current


  6. Details: another good smallie spot

    steep point with brush

  7. Details: schools of fish

    lots of rock and brush...c-rig

  8. Details: big fish in spring lots of structure

    brush..rock...old docks

  9. I need help...been on the lake once and never seen a bass..have a tournament coming up

    1. Steve Curtsinger 0
      request sent Ted...thanks
    2. Ted Myers 0
      Steve - Connect with myself, Scott Sorrell, and Jason Cassetty. We all share information on Patoka and you will be able to see some of the areas we target.
    3. Ethan Shaw 0
      Well i dont know alot about the lake. The water is pretty clear. If I were you I would look for little points in the backs of the creeks. Look for 7-12 feet of water ...more for those points. If the water is cold, the bass will be pulled out further of the points. Hit them with a deeper diving crankbait, a jig, and a jerkbait. If the fish are going shallower, look for stumps on shallower points in 2-6 feet of water and use a square bill crankbait or a shad rap #5. Hope this helps you.
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  10. weighed 8lb 2 oz....caught on 8lb line and a spinning reel...scary stuff

    Largemouth Bass with a shakey head