1. I am doing some filming for MTB on Center Hill June 23 and 24. I have never fished Center Hill Lake before. Any suggestions will be greatly helpful.


  2. How do I try one of your jigs out here in California? I like the look of them.

    1. jeremy scott 0
      We are working on a website now. Go check out my Facebook page. Like my page please. If you need pictures and prices just shoot me your email and I'll be happy ...more to assist you
    2. Doug Reid 0
      They look really good. Do you have a website? I fish the California delta.
    3. jeremy scott 0
      I run my sales through PayPal. I also use Facebook messenger. That's the quickest way for me to send pics and take instant orders
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  3. Caught August 9 on a main lake island. Released after photo

    LargeMouth with a G-Bait 1/2 oz Black Magic Blue

    1. jeremy scott 0
      My All Terrain HD Hand Pours uses a 5/0 or 6/0 Owner Deep throat hook. The ones in this pictre are my All Terrain FPC they come with a Mustad HD Hook. Thanks
    2. JP Miller 0
      What kind of hook
    3. JP Miller 0
      Great looking jigs
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  4. I would like to throw a shot out to SPRO and thier worthless swivels! Lost two 4 pound plus fish Sunday during a tournament.

    1. jeremy scott 0
      Kentucky Lake John?
    2. John Pendleton 0
      Jeremy, coming up there in late sept for toyota tour. ant suggestions?
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I own a custom jig company based out of Dickson TN. I Fish ,Kentucky Lake,Dale Hollow, Pickwick, and Guntersville.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species LargeMouth
  • Waterway Kentucky Lake
  • Lure G-Bait 1/2 oz Black Magic Blue