1. Few more for the fryer.

  2. Hearty haul tonight! 30",25",25",20" biggin is just over 10lbs

    1. Jimbo Harwood 0
      Great catch!!!
    2. james taskey 0
      Been a great season for loading up on them!
    3. Scott Grzymkowski 0
      Very nice! That's the type of walleyes we've been getting on the western end of Lake Erie, Ohio
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  3. Hearty haul from tonight!

  4. Early in...early out:)

  5. Couple tasty treats

    1. wicked walleye 0
    2. james taskey 0
      Last night
    3. wicked walleye 0
      niiice when
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  6. Couple nice 20"ers that's s morning. Muskegon Lake

    1. james taskey 0
      Breakfast of champions
    2. steve holakovsky 0
      nuthin like a coke and a smallie
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  7. Keepin the fam alive

    1. Jimbo Harwood 0
      Nice haul!!
  8. Squeeked it out again. Sampler platter style!

    1. Jimbo Harwood 0
      can't beat that.. hahaha
  9. 21" on the Scott rig :)

    1. T Sen 0
      that's a fine start to a great sammich!!!
    2. wicked walleye 0
      give me a call 231 736 8472.
    3. wicked walleye 0
      hay you still out there.
    4. wicked walleye 0
      Hay bud sorry ,I was out there getting my but kicked until ,4 am , checking out certain areas ,
    5. james taskey 0
      Winds thumpin pretty hard still out to CG. On my way to MLC out of this breeze
    6. wicked walleye 0
      yep ,im actually going spotting here as soon as i get done eating. monster smallies ,walleye and pike out at the end if you hit it at the right time.
    7. james taskey 0
      Sounds good. I might hit the CG for a couple hours in the morning but I would be game for hookin up for some fishing next weekend. Touch base towards the end of ...more the week?
    8. wicked walleye 0
      Im gonna hit the CG next time. but we need to meet up and hit mona channel to see what's going on out there.or go hit whitehall pier.for smallies and eyes
    9. wicked walleye 0
      no prob bud, see you out there again .
    10. james taskey 0
      Thanks again for the net help
    11. wicked walleye 0
      that's a nice smallie.
    12. james taskey 0
      Got bigger fillets of the 18"er
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