1. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Hooked into a few schoolers

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    2. brandon harris 0
      No its near Carthage @bas
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      Is it near San Antonio??
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  2. Details: Largemouth Bass

    Hooked into a few schooling bass behind bridges

  3. Details: Largemouth Bass

    I planned on sight fishing for big females, but because of the recent rains and muddy water I had to fish ares where I had spotted spawners during the week.

  4. Details: Redbreast Sunfish

    Out doing a little ultralight fishing for panfish

  5. Details: Blue Catfish

    Just arrived home with 35 pounds of catfish fillets! The fish were stacked thick in the flooded willow bushes in 3-10 fow. I tried for some flatheads with live carp ...more on a Tc 8/0 circle hook but as soon as the bait would hit the water the blue cats were on it. The largest cat was a 8.2 lb blue but the largest channel was 6.5 average size was around 6 lbs

  6. Details: Blue Catfish

    Taking my annual trip to tawakoni, 100mi away, the blue cat spawn is underway, so fishing is going to be tuff so wish me luck🐟

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      Yea check out my newest blurt @paul_376
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      Catch anything?@brandonsboss
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      @olenarey87 I threw out some live 8-10 inch carp in the willows but the blue cats were to thick for the flatheads to compete with
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      @olenarey87 I threw out some live 8-19
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      @paul_376 I was fishing from the bank, it was the best way to get to the tight spots
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      Some flatheads
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      Might be worth trying after
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      Good luck, you in a boat or bank fishing? @brandonsboss
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  7. Details: Channel Catfish with a Pork sausage on a #6 Aberdeen hook with a one ounce no roll tied to 400 lb trot line rope

    Was riding atvs at my uncles house and found a spot on the Angelina where there was a giant logjam that looked fishy so I through my sausage on the only thing I ...more had on me and within 10 seconds Boom! A 1 pound cat.

  8. Details: Blue Tilapia with a Red wiglers on a 1/0 circle hook

    The tilapia are spawning on powerplant lakes in 3 fow. They can be caught by free lining worms in grassy areas

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  9. Pb 13.3 in whiting

    Whiting with a Shrimp

  10. The bull whiting are spawning in the second gut.

    Whiting with a Shrimp