1. I'm finding that the crappie have gotten lockjaw this winter and I can't get on a bite thru the ice even though I target them suspending. The rainbow trout ...more are still biting and every once in a while I coax a catfish out of the hole.


been fishing for over 50 years. Started with my Dad and a cane pole on small lakes and tributaries for catfish. Graduated over the years to most ...more sport fish on all types of waters using all types of rods, reels, tackle, bait and techniques. Even bought a small property out in the country and stocked a lake so I can fish whenever I want. Brookville Lake in IN is the other water I fish on throughout the year targeting bass, crappie and walleye.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species bass
  • Waterway my private lake
  • Lure rapala shallow runners