1. Details: Sunken Island

    Submerged island range from about 5 to 20 ft deep

  2. Does anyone who follows this body of water have a tips or fishing reports they can provide? I will be up there in a week.

  3. Water levels are still up 4 -5 feet from normal near the Corning area due to recent rain.

  4. I will be up there mid July for the first time, Any tips would be appreciated.

    1. Timothy Ballance 0
      Thanks, I have fished a few other lakes near the Adirondacks and found that to be the same case.
    2. Brad Paradis 0
      Just kidding...but not really. Weed and Rock combination. Find it and throw there. That is the key on that lake
    3. Brad Paradis 0
      Drive another 15 minutes and go to the St. Lawrence River.
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