1. Will it ever stop raining here in illinois!! This forecast is the story of the whole spring :(

    1. Frank Carr
      Time for a sun quest!
    2. jarid tomnitz
      I here yea I have a state championship in the morning
    3. Andrew Wheeler
      I feel ya, I did get new rain gear for christmas, but I didn't want to use them 20+ times in the 1st year.
    4. Ed Nelson
      Fish in the rain
    5. Christopher Pereira
      Get a rain jacket and tie a big metal rod to ur least favorite fishing buddy!
    6. Tim Steinmetz
      There is no thumbs down button, but I sure won't give you a thumbs up (or five bobbers) for this one! ;)
    7. Tim Steinmetz
      You've had a rough spring for sure! Hopefully it will improve soon for you. But maybe I don't want it to get better for you because then my fishing will ...more go right down the drain! LOL! I sure am enjoying all of this sunny and 65! :)
    8. Cody Rubner
      That's a bummer of a forecast jeez!! Keep ya head up, and enjoy those sunny days!
    9. Jon Giacalone
      Haha "thumbs down" is right!
    10. Rich Pardy
      Jon or Drew can we add a thumbs down bottom to this one :)
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