1. Greetings, Anglers.
    I'm going to be fishing Wateree on June 21st, with the United Bassmasters of Mecklenburg county. Is here any advice that y'all could ...more offer a coangler for Wateree in the summer? I was going to start with topwater poppers and walkers and ride that bite as long as I can, but I'm gonna need to go into the water column sooner or later. Is it better to focus on cover bound fish with moving baits, or should I just drag the bottom with soft plastics?
    Anything y'all could offer would be of help, and greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks, and tight lines to all y'all.
    -Dave Tobin

    1. Tim Plyler 0
      Crazy as It sounds, I have had good luck in the past trolling a deep runner like a bomber deep a in 15 to 20 feet of water past points and piers. The bass go nuts ...more as a bait like that swims by as slow as your boat will idle.
    2. James Locklear 0
      Dave been there and done that also. Hope it better your next trip out.
    3. Dave Tobin 0
      It was a rough day fishing. Most of us zeroed. No one caught a limit.
    4. James Locklear 0
      How did you do Dave?
    5. Dave Tobin 0
      I'll be hitting the water tomoirrow, using the information here and some I;ve obtained elsewhere. I will let y'all know how I do tomorrow. Again. I humbly ...more thank all of you.
    6. Dave Tobin 0
      Thank you so much, gentlemen.
    7. James Locklear 0
      If you get near any grass line early, use a buzz bait or a buzz frog, cast as far back into the grass as you can get it. I'd start with a black frog first thing ...more and then the white the fish will let you know which they want, believe me. with the frog don't set hook until you fell the fish, hard to do but you must or you'll miss fish. work the popper on waste wall, along with buzz bait, and walking lures, work them all the way back to boat. If you go off shore use a football jig, c-rig or a a-rig and alwayn have a deep crank bait on. Working deep dock are good also, s-heads,c-rigs, jigs and a wacky rig jig works also. Good luck and may God bless.
    8. Wesley Bray 0
      Dave, I will be fishing Wateree this weekend with St. Andrews Bass Anglers of Columbia, SC. I plan on starting with a buzz bait early morning and a frog for top ...more water around grass. I have had good success there before in Summer with those lures. I also have good luck with a green, yellow, & orange (Norman) crank bait model "A". Wacky style worm fishing works best in mid day and docks will produce a couple of keepers with a jig or Watermelon red finesse worm . Good luck!
    9. Dave Tobin 0
      I'm gonna write this into my notebook, and start my gear prep this week.
    10. Dave Tobin 0
      Thank you so very much!
    11. James Locklear 0
      By the way Dave I'll be down on Wateree May 17 for our club Eagle Bass of Pembroke N.C. I'll let you know what I find while I'm there. God bless all.
    12. James Locklear 0
      BY, I'm not that great at writing, as one can tell!!!!!
    13. James Locklear 0
      Top water first thing and add buzz bait, depanding on what boater will be fishing, if he goes buzz, i'd use the popper and walker and if he goes popper and walker ...more go buzz, until you see what the fish want. if working weed and grass line look at a frog bait, they like buzz frods and the flating frogs around grass and weeds at Wateree. I always have a wacky rig sit up while on this lake, If boater misses top water bite the wacky will follow and one can pick up on the missed fish.If cloudy or windy keep a top water ready. Wtach for schooling fish also, I used a clear zara puppy on at all time during the summer just in case a school come up around me. Boat docks jigs and S. head worms green PK, . Just my 2 cent.
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