1. had to vut half the fish to post but another hawg

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  2. comment below looking for someone new to fish with and trade spots and just catch some fish

  3. came into a school of about 100 fish and plucked a few including this 27 inch

    1. Thanks!! @Reel_Smooth
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  4. was woth a group of guys tossing pig fish under mangroves when I saw a school of over slots coming our way I tossed mine out first and telled at everyone to toss ...more out next to mine all 4 got hooked up 2 were over slot 1 was in slot and one got broke off at boat but was over slot or top slot

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      got you some mogans ! good job man
    2. @TheREELdeal
    3. lol he was bummed the worst part was everyone that day had already hooked into a red or snook and he was the only one who hadn't and on his 1 shot he messed ...more it up! lol
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      the guy in the back was like, "should've bought that stronger line" lol. Nice catches by the way
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  5. Details: Fat Snook

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      Yah we get tones of them in my canal during the winter @loganb
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      @jamesbay Snook stay around beaches and coastline during spring and summer, in the fall they start moving into the backcountry like mangroves, canals, rivers ect.
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      Oh thanks prob not going to be driving to tampa any time soon any way lol
    4. west coast around tampa area its actually nit a good wonter spot at all they all leave and move elsewhere @jamesbay
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      Where was this? Looking for some good winter snook spots.
    6. and a decent number of trout and flounder that dat
    7. sight casted him thinking it was a gator trout in a pot hole at low tide soon as my 1/2 ounce doa shrimp hit the water it got knocked and put up a great fight caught ...more few more baby snook rat reds
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