1. Details: Bluegill Sunfish with a Worm

    That's a size 11 shoe the fish was 10 inches long and 6 inches thick

    1. Andrew Borsa 0
      It's Zachs shoe nadia
    2. Dreed97 0
      That's a size 9.5 queer nice try team smallcock.
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  2. I swear this is not photoshopped I caught this at the beach on vacation the fight was amazing. With @tevans

    Other Shark with a Cow leg

    1. oceancity 0
  3. My first shark

    Dogfish Shark with a Squid

    1. Andrew Borsa 0
      Thanks ;) @ShannonBailey21
    2. Andrew Borsa 0
      Thanks ;)
    3. ShannonBailey21 0
      That's a cool little shark :)
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  4. Best rod I have ever bought

    1. Chuck LaBruna 0
      Yeah, it's a bit expensive haha. Might say it was my little MONEY GIFT to myself lol. Took a bit to save for it. Totally worth every cent though.
    2. Andrew Borsa 0
      I was looking at the silver max and the pro max but when I saw the black max for the first time last year i knew I had to have it. The only problem I had with the ...more revo stx is the price @wyldechylde77
    3. Chuck LaBruna 0
      Check out the Silver Max and Pro Max combos as well. Both are terrific for the money. In fact, I have two Silver Max reels on different rods. Of course, I also have ...more a Revo STX on a Veritas.
    4. Andrew Borsa 0
      I bought this before I went on vacation and so far it has caught me a ton of bass and a few pike I love it @wyldechylde77 @SaFisher5
    5. Chuck LaBruna 0
      I've had for a couple of years now, spooled with 30# Spiderwire Stealth braid. Has never let me down, good pickup!
    6. SaFisher5 0
      I hear ya man, picked mine up at Dicks for like 40, I got the Vengence pole with it though. I love that pole
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  5. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Clackin rap

    Fishing with my favorite lure in some deep weeds and this decent bass smacked it

  6. Details: Smallmouth Bass with a Clackin rap

    Another smally on vacation

  7. Details: Smallmouth Bass with a Clackin rap

    Nice smally in my third day in New York

  8. Details: Northern Pike with a Rattle trap

    Really small northern pike

    1. natestephens71 0
      U just can't handle this wang @bigbeef
    2. Andrew Borsa 0
      U just can't handle the fishting skills of big beef @natestephens71
    3. natestephens71 0
    4. natestephens71 0
      That's pusy ish
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  9. Details: Smallmouth Bass with a Rattle trap

    First catch on vacation to black lake 15 inch

  10. Details: Smallmouth Bass with a spinner

    Cuaght this little guy on a Mepps spinner

    1. Andrew Borsa 0
      So ur saying I can't log the fish I catch because there to small
    2. natestephens71 0
      I just want to throw out there that I love the argument but borsa u catch the most fish because that's all u do and the only thing that should go on fishing ...more scout is respectable fish not this one
    3. tevans8 0
      They was nicks nikes
    4. Dreed97 0
      I catch the most and tom wears sketchers @bigbeef @tevans8
    5. Andrew Borsa 0
      Yea but we all know who catches the most fish and we know who wears sketchers in there pictures @tevans8 @Dreed97
    6. tevans8 0
      Yeah but Zach doesn't post every minnow he pulls out of the water on here so I won't make fun of his ailment @bigbeef @natestephens71 @zach_emswiler16 @Dreed97
    7. Andrew Borsa 0
    8. Dreed97 0
      We should all be making fun of @zach_emswiler16 aka cancer patient instead. @tevans8 @natestephens71 @bigbeef
    9. Andrew Borsa 0
      The one that is drilling ur mom right now @tevans8
    10. tevans8 0
      What broomstick is 4 inches? @bigbeef @Dreed97 @natestephens71
    11. Andrew Borsa 0
      U mean broomstick dick @tevans8
    12. tevans8 0
      Calm down littledick @bigbeef @Dreed97 @natestephens71
    13. Andrew Borsa 0
      Cuase u know I'm right u slutbag @tevans8
    14. tevans8 0
      You're an idiot. I have no idea how else to put it
    15. Andrew Borsa 0
      Yea but I take pride in being an avid fisherman what wrong with logging a days catch u little cunt @tevans8 @Dreed97
    16. tevans8 0
      @Dreed97 I just don't feel the need to put ever fish I catch on there. Borsa is like a girl posting selfies. It's the same thing
    17. Andrew Borsa 0
      U mean shlong and no they call me broomstick for a reason @Dreed97
    18. Dreed97 0
      My point is my Schlongs bigger @bigbeef
    19. Andrew Borsa 0
      And what's ur point it was the first smallmouth cuaght out of the little conewaga by us this year @Dreed97
    20. Dreed97 0
      But Borsa I've used bait bigger than the fish you catch @bigbeef
    21. Andrew Borsa 0
      Haha F off faggot @tevans8
    22. Dreed97 0
      And Tom you do only have two pics of fish. @tevans8 @bigbeef
    23. Andrew Borsa 0
      But still u take pictures of a pair of shoes , and there not even swag shoes u should know better kory smith @tevans8 @Dreed97
    24. Andrew Borsa 0
      Your about as dedicated as my poop when it falls from my arshole
    25. tevans8 0
      I'm dedicated because I don't take pictures of bait fish and put it on here? Fishing burn. @Dreed97 @bigbeef@natestephens71
    26. Andrew Borsa 0
      Says the person with 3 pictures u arnt dedicated to the sport u pusse go lick some hairy taint AKA Gunther gochenaurs taint @natestephens71 @tevans8
    27. tevans8 0
      Why the hell would you put such a crappy fish like that on fishing scout? @Dreed97 @natestephens71 @bigbeef
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