1. Details: Dock with Brush

    Good stretch of shallow docks with brush underneath in shallow creek

    1. Todd Carter 0
      Hey Adam very nice fish I do a little fishing on lake logan martin and would love to know where this hot spot is maybe I could share a few of mine if that's ...more fine thanks
  2. Details: Shallow Docks

    Great stretch of shallow docks on the back of island and adjacent to large creek, many have brush.

  3. Details: Point leading to good staging flat

    Point leading to good staging flat. Lots of fish hold here or a bit further back before moving in or out of the cove

  4. Details: 17 in. Largemouth with a Senko

    caught multiple largemouth paralleling dock and bumping the senko off of dock pilings

  5. Details: Cypress Trees and Lily Pads

    Good pocket off Crescent Lake that has some deeper cypress trees as well as an abundance of lily pads nearby

    1. Chace Henry 0
      what bait were you using ?
  6. Details: Mouth of Creek

    Good mouth of creek that also tapers out into a long point


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Fishing Favorites

  • Species Largemouth Bass
  • Waterway Lake Fork
  • Lure Chatterbait