1. Took 22 minutes to land the Tarpon

    130 lb. 81 in. Tarpon with a Live crab

    1. greg dykes 0
      That is one fish that i would love to be able to reel in.
  2. Dolphins with a ballyhoo

    1. Great eating there
  3. Richard got this nice King out fishing out of Tampa

    40 lb. 40 in. King Fish with a like shrimp

  4. Got and release grouper

    Grouper with a Live shrimp

    1. Rich Pardy 0
      Nice catch and release on that grouper.
    2. Doug Wickham 0
      Good job Joe!!🐟🐠🐬
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  5. I also like to fish in Big Pine Key. I do a lot of fishing in Tampa Bay almost avery weekend. But today I went fish at Lake Kissimimee for Bluegill.

    1. Frankie Cleaver 0
      Never had chance to fish saltwater yet but is on my bucket list. Always looks like a good time
  6. Blackfin Tuna with a Mullet

    1. amber Roberts 0
      thats awesome
    2. Stacy McCaskill 0
      Great catch!!
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  7. 20 lb. 10 oz. Dolphin

    1. amber Roberts 0
      I love it there!!!! all week no damn dolphin tho :(
    2. Stacy McCaskill 0
      Joe, Where are you on Biig Pine? We are on Ranger Ave.
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  8. Bill first sailfish off Big Pine Key.

  9. Another big fish in Big Pine Key


Like to fish saltwater with my best friend Bill.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Red Drum, Permi, Trout, and Tarpon
  • Waterway Tampa Bay
  • Lure Live Shrimp & Squid