1. I live in central Indiana and grew up watching bass fishing. I'm in love with the sport and dream of competing someday. My family has no boat, nor the money ...more to buy one. Do you have any advice in getting started in tournament fishing?

    1. Terry Hodge 0
      Thanks Tim. I actually registered for the 2014 Indiana Bass Federation's youth Tour. Thanks for all the advice.
    2. Tim Swartz 0
      Hey Billy, I was in your situation myself, but give it time things will get better. I know in my area, most all clubs welcome non-boaters as they simply pair you ...more up with a boater who doesnt have a partner. Check for clubs in your area and email 'em and find out I 'm pretty sure you wont have a problem all you need is membership fees. Thanks, n Good Luck Tim
    3. Terry Hodge 0
      The last comment was Billy, my gramps has a Premium account and i forgot i was logged into his.
    4. Terry Hodge 0
      Mike, you've been my hero in this sport since I started waking up at 7 am on saturday morning to watch Bassmasters. Thanks a lot for the advice. Thank you too, ...more Jordan.
    5. Mike Iaconelli 0
      Agreed, co-angling. Also, serving as a tournament official can get you introduced.
    6. Jordan Truttschel 0
      Co-angling is always an option! Plenty of tournaments that you can hop in. Plus, you can learn so much from the guy in the front of the boat that has been doing ...more it for a long time! Give it a try!
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