1. PLEASE HELP!! My boat was stolen monday 3/30. 1989 186 sailfish 115 Yamaha 2stroke on magic tilt trailer. It looks normal from the outside but is very uniquely rigged ...more inside. Please pass this along in the community its all I had. Maybe it will turn up. Thanks!

  2. Caught one same size week later. Might have been the same fish!! I marked it on the map. North west side of Dames point bridge. Good spot when the wind is out of ...more N or NE. Everyone wants to fish the southside try it!

  3. 25lb red caught at low tide

    Red fish with a Strip bait

    1. Tim Kenny 0
      That is a nice one
    2. Tim Kenny 0
      I caught a red 65# a half mile south of the St.Johns in the Intercoastal on a strip of blue fish
    3. chris chappell 0
      Nice catch man !!!!! I have lost a few that big but never got to hold one.....
    4. chris chappell 0
      Nice job Paul, where about were you fishing?
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