1. Details: Overview Point

    I think this is one of the best Points on the Lake for bass and Stripers. I caught my biggest largemouth bass on the shoreline at night during the Summer with a ...more Jitterbug. You can also catch nice size Smallies in the morning hours all Spring/Summer long here. And, this is a great Point for Stripers in the Spring and Fall.

    1. Rob Muller 0
      BTW, nice LM on your profile. Looks like Blue Anchor Marine in Northeast, MD
    2. Rob Muller 0
      haha. If Al wants to become a better fisherman..he should hire you for a guide trip. As you know, not too many secrets on the Pack. And, if there were, they'd ...more remain just that SECRET. lol
    3. Greg Walsh 0
      Rob....don't tell Al too many secrets on the pack because he might use the knowledge against me....lol
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  2. Details: Goose Pond Cove

    This is my cove. I have a dock slip on one of the docks. There's a bass crib made up of christrmas trees, tires, cinder blocks, etc. in the Cove. Look for ...more it..bass normally hold on it. When it rains, the creek washes a lot of baitfish, crawfish, frogs, bugs, etc. into the cove and the Smallies eat up good..but it doesn't last long. You have to be there at just the right time. You'll see em bustin' the topwater when they do. There are some big Largemouth in the Cove that are tight to cover. You can see them in the Spring during the Spawn.

    1. Rob Muller 0
      Goose Pond Cove
    2. Al Burian 0
      Hey Rob... Which cove is your dock in?
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  3. Details: Spinnler Point

    Like Shuman Point, Spinnler Point is another good point for both bass and Stripers. The Smallies are shallow (5-10 ft.) in the Spring/Fall and the Stripers are ...more deeper (15-35 ft.)

    1. Nick Venettone 0
      What are top five lures to use
  4. Details: Shuman Point

    Great point during Spring/Fall for Stripers. Naturally, live bait is best but jigs/spoons will also work. Best when water temps are in the 40s-50s. Fish anywhere ...more from 15-35 ft. of water. Watch your fishfinder for suspending alewives (baitfish) swarms

  5. Details: Briar Hill Summit

    Great spot for Stripers in the Spring/Fall. Troll back and forth on this point in 15-25 ft. of water. Livebait works best. Water Temp low to mid 50s.

  6. Details: Sunset Pt. to Fern Cove

    Fish the shoreline from the State Ramp down to the Tafton Dike. For bass, fish in 0-3 ft. of water with crankbait and/or spinnerbait. Target weeds/rocks.

  7. Details: L Wallenpaupack HS Shoreline

    For bass, fish in 0-3 ft. of water with crankbait and/or spinnerbait. For Stripers, fish in 15 ft. of water and troll with livebait or stickbaits. Water temp low ...more to mid 50s.

  8. I didn't get out this weekend like I had hoped. I was going to fish this a.m. (Sunday) but the winds started picking up (15-20 mph) and the clouds and rain ...more started moving in. Air temps were in the mid 40s. Water temp is still in the mid 50s. Hopefully, I'll get out tomorrow and be able to give you a report.

  9. The Pack has been on fire this Fall- if you're a bass fisherman. I've caught some of the biggest Smallies and LMs that I've ever caught this Fall. ...more Plus, I've caught MORE than I ever have. Just find the combination of weeds/rocks close to the shoreline and throw a spinnerbait and/or crankbait. Don't be afraid to throw into the weeds/rocks..cause that's where they're at.


I've been fishing since I was 10 yrs. old. Didn't get serious about fishing until I was out of college. Why? No money. Bought my first bass ...more boat in 1985. It was an 18 ft. fiberglass Tracker w/ 115 hp Merc on the back. Not the greatest of boats..but it got me around. Got rid of the Tracker and got my first real tournament bass boat in 1990- an 18 ft. Ranger bass boat w/ 150 hp Merc on the back. Joined a local bass club (Peace Valley Bass Anglers) and fished the Red Man Tournament Trail (later Operation Bass Tournament Trail). Was fishing North from 1000 Islands South to Potomac River. Got out of tournament fishing in 1995, because of too much business travel, and sold my Ranger. Bought a Hobie Fishing Kayak and started fishing the rivers and smaller lakes. Started fishing Lake Wallenpaupack in 1972 when my parents built a home on the lake. Most of my fishing as a kid was off the bank or from a row boat. Bought a lot in the mid 80s on Lake Wallenpaupack, when I bought my Tracker bass boat, and finally built on the lo in 2012. My dock slip is in Goose Pond Cove. Bought my current boat- 2012 Skeeter TZX 190 w/ 175 hp Yamaha on the back. I don't tournament fish anymore. I have a bad back and can't take the pounding. I'm catching more fish and having more fun than I ever have. :)

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Smallmouth Bass
  • Waterway Lake Wallenpaupack
  • Lure Zara Spook