1. good day on lake zoar... fish were in shallow trees got em on square bills

    1. Sandy Wright 0
      Hi I sent you a message yesterday but I really don’t know how this site works or if you are even still posting to it. If you are Frank Lasorso that was on the USS ...more Edenton in the mid 80’s please message me. Some of your shipmates are trying to find as many people that were stationed on the USS Edenton as possible for a possible reunion.
    2. Grant Blackford 0
      They were hitting square bill at Paint Creek for me this weekend. I tried 6 different techniques and square bill was where it was at. Great job man.
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  2. Hit candy yesterday tough for me got three on texas rig senko

  3. Good day fish were hitting small swim baits on out side weed lines.

    Smallmouth Bass with a swim bait

  4. Buzz bait over weeds

    Largemouth Bass with a buzz bait

    1. James Guimond 0
      What color were you using
    2. Capt Morris Campbell 0
      Nice bass Frank!
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