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  4. Driving down from NJ with my boat to fish lake Toho in March. Any pointers would be appreciated.

    1. RAY WHITE 0
      I will be there in march 1 - 8th. Live wild shiners are best for the big ones. 9ther wise almost any plastics.
    2. nicolas bass 0
      Right now its tough, try fishing texas riged soft plastic worms would in deeper grass. And that should work
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    1. nicolas bass 0
      The depth to really depends on the water temperature and the depth of the dock, but I like to go about half the depth of the water. But I would experiment and she ...more what works the best
    2. nicolas bass 0
      Light line(5 pound test or so), I make the leader line from the bobber about a 1'-1 1/2' and about 6'' from the hook use a little split shot just ...more to get the bread down faster and lastly I like to just use a little thin wire hook. (Eagle Claw makes a good assortment)
    3. nicolas bass 0
      Yep no problem. The tackle I usually use is some
    4. nicolas bass 0
      hey victor, my best advice for relatively easy fish to catch would be to fish for bluegill. Which are everywhere around docks and structure and what I like to use ...more is bread especially for fishing with the kids or just a little jig like what would be used for perch and things
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I have been fishing all my life , there is nothing bettter than it. I'm not the best but i'm trying.

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