1. Spotted Bass with a Jig

    1. River Baysinger 0
      bull shoals. maybe 4?I'm not sure
  2. Smallmouth Bass with a Jig

    1. Steve Jackson 0
      Had a feeling you were gonna say that, I'm up by Pontiac
    2. River Baysinger 0
      near the dam
    3. Steve Jackson 0
      What part of the lake do you fish?
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  3. Largemouth Bass and Smallmouth with a Jig

  4. I'm at bull shoals this week in the buck creek area. What are the largemouth hitting on? I heard it is kind of slow with the water like it is.

    1. River Baysinger 0
      I have a tournament tonight over there. Goodluck man
    2. Cody Reeves 0
      Thanks. I am going to try some wacky worms and flukes this evening
    3. River Baysinger 0
      I've been catching them on a spook and a fluke early in the mornings and also I've been catching them on jigs and tube jigs as well...the fishing is a little ...more tougher with all the high water but they're still biting
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  5. Largemouth Bass with a Spook

    1. Cody Reeves 0
      You can't even see the fish...
  6. 3 lb. 1 oz. Smallmouth Bass with a Jig

    1. River Baysinger 0
      we tied with 2nd in the first tournament they hosted and we are fishing the Saturday night open tonight.


Chasing that dream

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Largemouth, Smallmouth and Spotted Bass
  • Waterway Bull Shoals
  • Lure Pig N' Jig, Gitzit, Big Swim baits and Spooks.