1. Details: Bluegill Sunfish with a buggie jiggie

    1/80th oz buggie jiggie in chartreuse glow

    1. Conner Mahan 0
      when did bluegills get as big as bass
    2. PKfisherman 0
    3. Chris Salmon 0
    4. TennesseeTroutboy 0
      Awesome gills @SlabJiggies1
    5. Awesome bull bluegills !
    6. Colton Sime 0
    7. Glen Barton 0
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  2. Details: Brown Trout with a slab jiggies

    1/32 spinner jiggies with a limit of brown trout

    1. Tommy3Fingerz 0
      From shore or boat?
  3. Details: Blue Tilapia with a slab jiggies

    1/32nd oz spinner jiggie with a small worm trailer

    1. Tommy3Fingerz 0
      How's the smell out there?
  4. Details: Pumpkinseed Sunfish with a slab jiggies

    1/80th oz mini jiggie

    1. steven ridout 0
      Nice color on him
    2. Chris Salmon 0
    3. Chris Salmon 0
      no it is a pumpkinseed @epicdude13
    4. Chris Salmon 0
      no, its a pumpkinseed @epicdude13
    5. PKfisherman 0
      I think that's a war mouth.
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  5. Details: Bluegill Sunfish with a slab jiggies

    1/64 th oz purple flash

  6. Details: Hybrid Striped Bass with a BBZ

    topwater boiling bass hitting everything on the top. all phenix custom rods and Diawa reels

    1. Jacob Breaux 0
      Ooh man bet that was fun. Nice job
    2. Thomas Gyory 0
      Nice!! The LM is a chuck!!!
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  7. Details: Golden Rainbow Trout with a slab jiggies 1/80th oz

    1. Tommy3Fingerz 0
      If it is a stocker or if its not. That's a frigging nice rain/steel bow. Nice catch!
    2. Chris Salmon 0
      this is a manmade lake no natural fish in here this is a stocker
    3. jokerman8029 0
      Same for the ocean going rainbow trout(steelhead) from our hatchery.
    4. jokerman8029 0
      And just to make sure theres no confusion, steelhead and rainbows are the same species. And my lake is man made, yet every single fishes fin thats released from ...more the hatchery has its fin clipped. As
    5. jokerman8029 0
      Or hatchery, because well here we can only keep hatchery fish, and 100% of hatchery fish are clipped
    6. jokerman8029 0
      @jonholbrook it might be different there, but here our hatchery always makes sure to clip the adipose fin, why do you think your tags for steelhead and salmon require ...more you to fill out if its native
    7. jokerman8029 0
      Its not a myth, I'v been to my local fish hatchery by foster lake and they had openings for volunteers to clip fins off juvenile fish, i had to watch a presentation ...more and everything about fish handling
    8. jonholbrook 0
      @jokerman8029 that's a myth. Since trout are stocked by the thousands imagine how long it would take to trim all the fins. It would be a waste of time and money ...more for hatcheries
    9. Tommy3Fingerz 0
      It's been a while since I've been to SARL. How is it out there? I heard they cleaned it up a bit. @SlabJiggies1
    10. jokerman8029 0
      @SlabJiggies1 if its stocked why does it still have it's adipose fin? Stockers usually clip hatchery fishes off. Sure its not a native that had two hatchery ...more parents?
    11. Chris Salmon 0
      yep, SARL
    12. 9G3B 0
      Beast! Was that at SARL?
    13. Chris Salmon 0
      its a rainbow, a stocked rainbow
    14. Karl Dykman 0
      That can't a be a natural rainbow!? Most likely a steelhead
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  8. Details: Golden Rainbow Trout with a slab jiggie

    1/64th oz electric chubby

    1. ShannonBailey21 0
      I think that's the biggest rainbow I have ever seen! :)
  9. Details: Black Crappie with a slab jiggies

    slab jiggies 1/32nd oz tipped with a gulp minnow

    1. Cale Ellingson 0
      Is that the one inch emerald shiner gulp ? Or shad?
  10. Details: White Crappie with a slab jiggie

    1/32nd oz red/chartreuse spinner jiggie