1. Good day with the kids!

  2. Went back to the same spot they were their!

  3. My lil nephews first fish!

  4. Details: Red (redfish) Drum with a Dead shrimp

    Found a nice school of reds !

  5. New gear frome the boat show

    1. milk williams 0
      Ok ill find it
    2. purv1s 0
      The most of all
    3. purv1s 0
      Idk how to do a link, but just look up how to use a bait cast reel, and look for the one where he's on the water and wearing a red Georgia bulldogs hat. There's ...more a lot more to watch, but this helped me
    4. milk williams 0
    5. purv1s 0
      They do have videos on YouTube about how to cast one, that's how I learned, if I find the link I'll send it to u, the one that helped me the best
    6. milk williams 0
      Oh ok thanks i will try that @purv1s
    7. purv1s 0
      Then click ur bell, just keep that line tight
    8. purv1s 0
      Man, let me tell ya, I got em, but I can't use em all that good, about every 5 cast I birds nest it. It's all in feathering ur line as it's thrown, and ...more then hold the line right before it hits water,
    9. milk williams 0
      @purv1s u neeed to do a vid on how to work that bait caster i dont kno how to work it rite it keep bird nesting on me so i stop useing it
    10. purv1s 0
      My other one got missing, Idk where I lost it, or that it's even lost.
    11. purv1s 0
      @drummerboymilk @hatemore I have 3 open face shimano, and two bait casting shimano, and I love them, from bass to cat fish, they never let me down. I also have 1 ...more pflueger, had to buy a new one after
    12. milk williams 0
      @hatemore i heard alot of great things about them i was a mitchell head for a long time but now they gon all plastic so im trying the mano now
    13. dalton craig 0
      I just ordered that from bass pro, hope its good
    14. hatemore 0
      Shimano makes a great reel. Especially the cheap line up. Sienna & sanora are best low end reels on market!
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  6. Help me somebody!?? I fish lafitte i always kill the reds but i cant seam to find the trout.

    1. milk williams 0
      Thanks all!
    2. bmftom 0
      Bayous and marsh drains
    3. Jacob DeRamus 0
      There catching limits in Delacroix right now
    4. Jacob DeRamus 0
      There deep in the marsh right now. Your best bet would be to fish Oak River in Delacroix
    5. KJenkins24 0
      We'll I'm not sure about Louisiana but I just got done fishing in Florida and the trout were on channel banks and chasing mullet. Hope this helps but I don't ...more know if it will
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  7. The drum

    1. milk williams 0
      @Spigener101 i was in hope dale
    2. Justin Spigener 0
      Where were you fishing by?
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  8. The red!

    1. milk williams 0
      Thanks @Spigener101 an @pastormike
    2. mike hicks 0
      Nice red bro
    3. Justin Spigener 0
      Nice catch!!
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  9. Details: Red (redfish) Drum

    The reds are stacked up every where!

    1. milk williams 0
      No it in laffitte they dont have it on the map
    2. Justin Spigener 0
      Is that out there in lake Charles?
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