1. Best catch of the day, for sure.

  2. family, fishing, cabin, blessed to have these guys

  3. she's pretty easy on the heart

  4. nice day on the lake with my mom

  5. Caught a big one ...


Hi my names Ryan i'm 28 i'm an Architect by profession. 7 years experience with the RCMP Police SWAT unit in Canada, Vancouver born and raised ...more and I love fishing, fresh water, saltwater you name it. I'll hang a line pretty much anywhere I see water just to see what i'll catch. I bought my first boat 8 years ago, I now have a house boat for the soul purpose of spending my days and sometimes nights out on the lake fishing. There's nothing better than throwing out that line, an ice cold beer, quiet mornings and nights on the lake.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species coho salmon
  • Waterway Shuswap Lake
  • Lure I have my secrets