1. Club Fishing lay lake in about two weeks and it beeswax Creek wondering if you would give me any help thanks a lot

  2. trying to find some fish around the chester frost area

  3. going to chester frost ramp at Chickamauga lake please any help on bass.

  4. going to Chickamauga this weekend any help on bass fishing will help my first time their?

    1. Michael McKaig 0
      I'm not an expert by any means but the ledges just off the river channel are a good producer. 16-20 feet of water works good this time of year for schooling ...more bass. I haven't found the honey hole by points and depressions at that deep will hold fish. some folks can catch them on mounds down there too but I must not be fishing those right because I not had luck on the mounts. I use deep crankbaits and pumpkin or watermelon worms.