1. Details: Walleye

    1. Donald Myers 0
      You run a charter?
  2. Details: White Bass

    1. mike joppeck 0
      Irish drifter. Or miss Cindy
    2. mike joppeck 0
      @ biglock have fun on the sassy sal I'm take my boat out Lorain good luck tight lines my friend
    3. biglock 0
      Yes sir, we're going out of Port Clinton Saturday evening. Just stopping by the river that morning. Fisherman's warf
    4. mike joppeck 0
      Send me report big lock
    5. mike joppeck 0
      @biglock they hit twister tail but we I was getting 7 to 1 last week it may be different this week I U.S. 4lb test little rooster tail I thin 3/16 b there Monday ...more goin on Lake Erie sat an sum got luck
    6. biglock 0
      Going up Saturday 23rd. What size rooster was you using. Are they hitting any twist
    7. kidtone360 0
      @hillbillyDeluxe# thanks brotha will do... Tight lines
    8. mike joppeck 0
      @kidtone360 water low I'm jig fisherman Friday we were get probly 7 to 1 but when there in there real thick it won't matter take some rooster tail
    9. kidtone360 0
      @hillbillyDeluxe # awesome... Think jigs with white grubs will do fine or is the water shallow? Should be swing rain soon
    10. mike joppeck 0
      Take waders get away from crowd
    11. mike joppeck 0
      @kidtone360 got a few last week all males this week all females except 2 biggest 151/4 lots off 12 an better just starting need rain not takin jigs to good fish ...more rooster tail buddy got about same as me
    12. kidtone360 0
      @hillbillyDeluxe # k Fremont was what I was talking about brother! Thought you caught them in the Maumee!!! How long do you think they'll be running?
    13. mike joppeck 0
      @kidtone360 I caught them in Fremont didn't have river in selections
    14. kidtone360 0
      Got some slabs their... Nice catch... Wonder if Sandusky river doing any good
    15. mike joppeck 0
      @Cat_Assassin if u cut red meat off an eat fresh there good don't always believe what u here
    16. Cat_Assassin 0
      @hillbillyDeluxe do you just fry them? I have always heard they aren't very good just wondering how you prepare them.
    17. Dirk Diggler 0
      Nice run fellas.
    18. sugarypinksand 0
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    1. BigBuckMD 0
      Wouldn't want it any other way @Ben_Sanford !
    2. Ben_Sanford 0
      @BigBuckMD Thanks man, love those in place of potatoes w fresh Crappie filets. Never find enough of either to satisfy me. Just like Mother Nature to keep us humble ...more working hard for the good stuff!
    3. BigBuckMD 0
      Perfect instructions @Ben_Sanfordsanf
    4. Jeff Goldberg 0
      That's awesome!
    5. Ben_Sanford 0
      Split n soak in salt water to kill bugs. Amoebae, etc. Rinse, dry, lightly batter or dredge in flour. Fry till GB&D! Nothing better than a big batch of freshly ...more foraged Morels.
    6. Ben_Sanford 0
      That's some fine eating right there son!
    7. malone 0
      What are those again
    8. Chuck LaBruna 0
      I second that.
    9. Donald Myers 0
      I'm jealous
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  3. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Number 10 x rap rippin threw water got 12 on the reaction bite these were the biggest limit

  4. Details: Walleye with a 15fow 5/8 hair jig green an yellow jigging the reefs at the islands no waves today was to flat

    1. biglock 0
      Didn't make it to the river Saturday. But we did get half our boats limit. Saturday 23rd. If you can shoot me some info. I'd like to use your service.
    2. Man I haven't gone after nice walleye in a long time
    3. Donald Myers 0
    4. Darren Cossette 0
      Awesome haul!! @hillbillyDeluxe
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  5. Details: Walleye with a Caught a tagged eye 4/5/15 was 251/4 in was tagged4 /6/09 was 20in was tagged buy rasin river mi I caught in on the run in the maumee river Ohio got ...more me a cool patch ya

    1. diggerman 0
      Yes they are up very good this year. @hillbillyDeluxe
    2. Donald Myers 0
      Take me with you. We caught about 20 or 30 eyes Last night all keepers.
    3. mike joppeck 0
      @diggerman u in the morels down there yet
    4. mike joppeck 0
    5. mike joppeck 0
      @DMyeWNY takin the big boat out 4 the 1 at time this ur gunna hit the reefs
    6. mike joppeck 0
      @DMyeWNY he came home with me
    7. mike joppeck 0
      @IowaAnglers it was a male they don't get the size like the female
    8. Joe Olsem 0
      So 6 years and it'll grow 5 1/4" longer?Long time!
    9. Cale Ellingson 0
      Awesome you got it back!
    10. Donald Myers 0
      I remember that post now
    11. Donald Myers 0
      Did you eat it or put it back? How far is that for a trip? That's sweet dude.
    12. SMCD920 0
      Got something like that for striped bass couple years ago
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  6. Details: Channel Catfish with a Minnow under slip bobber 9ft down in 10 Fow. Slowwwww cold fronts suck

    1. mike joppeck 0
      @Cat_Assassin not bad outa cold water won't eat during summer
    2. Cat_Assassin 0
    3. Cat_Assassin 0
      How are smallies eating wise?
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  7. Details: Walleye with a Carolina rig orange tail

    1. Don Bulgrin 0
      Ok thanks for the info @hillbillyDeluxe
    2. mike joppeck 0
      @wallybuster76 white bass showin up run all most done
    3. mike joppeck 0
      @bigbassin... Run 5ft led medium floating head got on red head orange body had mine got um at fort Meg's water real low u now a deep Rapids that b ur best bet
    4. Don Bulgrin 0
      @hillbillyDeluxe we will be fishing the maumee tomorrow on our way out now
    5. mike joppeck 0
      @walleye72 May 1 were aloud 6
    6. Darren Cossette 0
      Nice haul !!, I still have a month before walleye opener @hillbillyDeluxe
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  8. Details: Smallmouth Bass with a 12 ft under slip bobber large minnow river out of bank hit the above ground the big in is 3 lbs 18in