1. 4 lb. 5 oz. Largemouth Bass with a jigs

  2. I plan on fishing great pond the second and third week of June. Any advice?

  3. Details: small mouth bass with a rayburn red rattle trap

  4. Details: small mouth bass with a rayburn red rattle trap

  5. Details: large mouth bass with a jig

  6. kicked off the first Maine Man vs. Bass Trail yesterday on Great pond. Had a good time even tho i cam in 28th place.

    lg and sm mouth bass with a jig and rattlle trap

  7. I started tournament bass fishing last year. I didn't have a boat nor did i know how to use a bait caster. So i got in to a club and got hooked up with some ...more really good guys. One of the needed a partner for an open and he called me to see if i wanted to do it. I said yes and off we went that Saturday morning while getting the boat ready it started to poor. We both said we would go to the launch and see if it is going to let up. Thankfully it did. We fished all day had a limit but knowing the water we were on new it weren't enough to compete. While getting closer to the launch and deciding on staying we stopped at a cove and fished around it. got to the last lay down tree and i looked at the time we had 15 minutes left to fish. So i pitched my jig up by the tree and it started taking off for deeper water i set the hook and yelled get the net! My partner did and we got her in the boat it was one of the biggest bass i had ever caught i looked at the time we had 5 mins left. I said i need to see what this weighs at least. So we culled and took off for the weigh in came off plain right at the last second to make it in time. We went up and weighed it in 5-11. we had first place for lunker large mouth. It was the first time i got to make money off the sport i love. Now i own my own boat and i am in every tournament i can get in. That rainy day couldn't have turned out any better in my dreams unless it was at the Basmaster classic!

    Large Mouth Bass with a Jig n pig

    1. eric hovey 0
      lol cool story kinda what happened to me I met a good friend an we fished everywhere we could for a while but he took a job in florida an had to move now I mostly ...more go myself I only bring one pole and enjoy a day here and there I am thinking I may start taking it serious again soon I hope to see some you their as I love competition its what makes us all get better.
  8. This was the first time me and my buddy was able to go fishing after he was in a bad car accident.

    Large mouth bass with a live bait

  9. this bass got me my first big bass award! and i caught it in the last 10 minutes of the tournament!!

    Large mouth Bass with a a jig i made


I do a lot of bass fishing in central Maine. I also fish a lot of bass tournament's.

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