1. Tom, look for the submerged grass in the main lake. If you can get on a spot near the main lake close to the river, you can go top water early, then work the edges ...more with a rattle trap.

  2. Caught three like this 7 pounder in 45 min.

    Largemouth Bass with a Ole Monster Watermelon worm

    1. Jonathan Green 0
      They were hitting buzzbaits a little but not much. I would fish a swim bait while they were feeding good then go to the worm when things slowed down a little. They ...more would feed three or four times a day for thirty minutes or so. If you were not sitting on them when they bit then you would miss out completely.
    2. Jonathan Green 0
      Most of our best fish came from the grass line on the south side of the old river channel on the chatahoochee river. You can see it well on google earth. it is the ...more one that runs east and west just south of the islands. The most fish were middle ways along that line. Also done good around the island accross and south of windgates. Most bigguns came from swim baits with 1/8 oz waited hooks and ole monster watermelon seed worms. The bass were not in the mat but on the edge.
    3. Jeff White 0
      I'm a big fan of Rattlesnake Point and the entire cove and outskirts of that cove NE of the point. can't miss it. Also very productive spots are coming ...more out of the cut from the Flint River to Spring Creek. when you enter Spring Creek from that cut I like the entire area to the right for about 400 yards down continuing to the right. And one of my favorite spots in a tournament that's always ideal for a few nice fish is I'd you're looking at the dam from the main lake....its a huge flat to the left from in front of the campground down to the rocks of the dam. hope this helps. Tight lines!
    4. Tom Reeves 0
      Nice, headed to Seminole this week for a tournament any areas better than others to help narrow down practice
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  3. 10/5 thru 10/11/14
    had five this week between 6 and 7 lbs. 15 between 4 and 6 this week. the numbers were low all week but size made up for it. most came on a watermelon ...more worm and a swim bait. fishing the outside edge of the grass line.

    1. Jonathan Green 0
      Its a 10" worm from Zoom. Im not familiar with Manns so I couldent say but I am impressed with Ole monsters. Its a standard curly tail worm that holds up well. ...more not to hard and not to soft. I have heard good things on the Manns worms but really would like to see them first before ordering some. I cant get them locally and would have to order them in. I was lucky to find the Ole Monsters at Academy before our trip and they were exactly what I had in mind. Just should have baught more, I was scraping the bottom of the boat before the week was out.
    2. Jerry Proctor 0
      Sweet, never heard of ole monster worm, is it like the Manns 12 inch worm?
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  4. Cant get my pic to upload for some reason so just imagin a skinny, goofy looking dude with a 7 lb bass in his hand.

  5. My story isnt so much about broken tackle but about insufficient tackle. Back when I first started fishing tournaments with my dad, it was quite an awakening to ...more find out that all of our tackle was way under par. We had basicly fishing for numbers all of my life so when we started targeting larger fish. We, for one reason or another, could never get the good ones in the boat. Lots of broke lines and never being able to control a decent sized fish.
    I live on the Mobile river delta where heavy equipment is a necessity. The fish here always cling tight to heavy cover, the thicker the junk is, the more likely a good one is in it. So first things first we went to heavier rods and reels, then we started having more line failures so we upped our line size to 17 and 20 lb test. It didnt take long to realize that now our terminal tackle was no longer strong enough for the job so we had to upgrade that as well. Within a few months we had completly replaced our entire fishing arsenal. The change came well rewarded as we began placing in most of our local tournaments.
    Now I find myself in a simular position. I no longer fish tournaments and have chosen to use that money to travel to some lakes that have a much better chances of catching trophy size fish than our local waters. Bass over 4 pounds a hard to come by in my neck of the woods so if I want to catch big fish, I have to travel. So far, I have enjoyed the challenge of learning new waters and new methods of fishing. I have caught some good ones like the one shown in this article but have found that most of my equipment is to aggressive for most of these clearer lakes that I will be fishing. So I will be gearing up again it seems.
    This season I have decided to sit out on hunting and dedicating myself to fishing all winter. This is when most of the big girls bite around here so if im going to be in, Im going all in. This will be deficult for me to do because I hate cold weather and as most fishermen know, ther is no colder place on earth than on the water in the winter time.
    Well, wish me luck this winter and good fishing to all of you.


Born and raised on the Mobile river delta. Starting to branch out as much as I can afford and fish other bodies of water within a reasonable ...more driving distance. I will fish for anything that will put up a fight but Largemouth Bass is king in my world. My personal best is 8.5 pounds that I caught when I was 10. For over 30 years I have tried to beat it and still trying. My dream is a trip to El Salto or Falcon Lake where the sho nuff big uns roam.

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