1. Does any 1 know if the river is open up at happy hollow, Tipperary area yet?

  2. Northern Pike with a lg Shiner

    1. Anton Kichler 0
    2. Sammy B Good 0
      10in jiffy
    3. Anton Kichler 0
      what size hole where you have caught that northern Pike
    4. Ryan Ketter 0
      How is water clarity? I had about 6"-1ft last weekend.
    5. Sammy B Good 0
      Lake Mendota is located in south central Wisconsin. 1 of our biggest lakes in the state
    6. Anton Kichler 0
      is that lake located here in Minnesota or not really
    7. Jon Giacalone 0
      Nice one, Sammy!
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  3. 34in hammer handle! lol

    1. Steve Wendt 0
  4. Lake mendota keeper! lol 18in

  5. Lake mendota shorty! lol 16in

  6. 45in Big Boy! lake mendota

    1. Norm Swift 0
      nice fish


I've lived in madison my entire life. I've been fishing the Madison chain lakes for 25yrs. Bought my first boat in 2002, been fishing hard ever ...more since. My youngest son and I fish often together, my daughter... not too much.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Brown Bass
  • Waterway Lake mendota
  • Lure 3/8oz jig w/ trailer