1. FishwithHEROES Fishing Tournament & Community Event - May 27-28, 2017. Awesome giveaways for veterans and active military - tons of seminars, fishing, fun and ...more food - raising awareness and funds for veteran organizations.

    Where: Tom's Harbor Cut Fishing Bridge MM 61-62

    More info: http://www.bit.ly/FWHEROES

  2. 21 lb Ray hubbard lake

  3. Headed for Lake McBride Iowa tomarow, will update.

    1. Rick Wells 0
      Was a great supper!!
  4. That's nice, but we catch PIKE!

  5. 5 Quick and Easy Ways to Maximize the Life of Your Baits: http://blog.fishidy.com/2016/07/5-ways-to-maximize-the-life-of-your-baits/

  6. We're giving away 3 prize packs to 3 lucky winners. Just tag your fishing pics with hashtag #fishidygiveaway on Instagram and you could win some suweeet prizes! ...more More details here >> https://www.instagram.com/p/BIBIKvcBFpO/

    1. Rich Pardy 0
      That stuff would look nice in my canoe in the BWCA in 3 weeks, let the hashing begin!!!!
    2. Capt Morris Campbell 0
      This ol' dog doesn't hashtag
    3. Shawn Gearinger 0
      I guess I have to start using instagram. You can teach an old dog new tricks.
    4. Mike Garner 0
      Done deal
    5. Drew Gierach 0
      There's some sweet gear up for grabs!
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  7. A number of improvements have been made to the Fishidy website!

    1. The main nav bar has a minor new look and feel to it. A filter button will now appear any ...more time activity or content can be filtered. On your main activity stream you can now view activity you follow or most recently added activity to Fishidy. This makes it easy and fun to discover new activity happening.

    2. There's a 'More' option available on each post that now gives you the ability to view who has liked a post or to report activity that violates our TOS.

    As a reminder, the web app is accessible from your mobile devices, laptops, tvs, etc. Just open a browser and point it at fishidy.com. Tight lines!

  8. Looking for a way to make your own plastic lures? Try this out!


  9. Big news! - Fishidy has officially acquired popular fishing app, FishingCrew! Learn more: http://blog.fishidy.com/2016/06/fishidy-acquires-fishingcrew-app-ryple-technology/

  10. How cool would it be to get authentic fishing shirts from the top charter boats, fishing lodges and locations around the world!?

    Red Tuna Shirt Club is giving ...more away a 3-month membership ($75 value) to one lucky Fishidy member. Simply add a comment to this post to enter. We'll randomly select and announce our winner tomorrow, June 24th. Good luck!

    Learn more about Red Tuna Shirt Club here: http://www.redtunashirtclub.com

    1. Ham Bone 0
      That dream catcher shirt is sweet
    2. John Fitch 0
      Way to go Brad. You lucky guy you
    3. Tim Steinmetz 0
      Congrats, Brad!
    4. Fishidy 0
      Thanks for participating everyone! Our randomly selected winner for the Red Tuna Shirt Club 3-month membership is... Brad Paradis! Congratulations! Brad, we'll ...more be reaching out to you soon with more details.

      Stay tuned for more great giveaways coming soon here on Fishidy, and have a great weekend everyone!
    5. Tim Harrod 0
      Captain Obvious here, I want one!
    6. Matthew Mata 0
    7. Michael S 0
      Sweet, sign me up!
    8. Matt Deters 0
      Sweet shirts... Want one
    9. Tim Steinmetz 0
      Very cool! Count me in!
    10. Brad Paradis 0
      I know it's tuna, but it says chicken of the sea
    11. Thomas Decoteau 0
      fisher of men
    12. Thomas Decoteau 0
      fisher of men
    13. Noah Smith 0
      So there is no paying involved or anything
    14. Noah Smith 0
      The dream catcher one
    15. Noah Smith 0
      I'm in
    16. Felix Silva 0
      Nice! How do we get Fishidy shirts?
    17. Wayne Copeland 0
      I'm in. My kids would love it.
    18. Scott Davis 0
      Sounds good to me
    19. Eric Moore 0
      I would wear nothing else, not even pants! Red Tuna!!!
    20. Evan Chambers 0
      I'm in!
    21. John Fitch 0
      Wahooooooo!!! for the Red Tuna Shirt Club
    22. Capt. Kenneth Walker 0
      Would love a cool shirt. Go Red Tuna !
    23. Eddie Goode 0
      Way cool. My wife said I was a dream catcher because I caught her.
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