1. What is the word on Barren this week besides the lake is dropping? Fishing there this weekend was hoping for some information.

    1. Chris Spradlin 0
      Sounds good, I will be fishing a Renegade tourney Sunday as well. Good luck and be safe.
    2. Ted Myers 0
      Thanks Chris. Good information to get me started. I'll be down there prefishing tomorrow with a tournament on Sunday. Good luck in your tournament. You may ...more want to try the bridge in the back of Peter creek. Should be a spot to pick up fish all day with them dropping the lake.
      I'll be fishing around the Beavercreek bridge tomorrow.
    3. Chris Spradlin 0
      Pre fished, yesterday, for a tourney my club is having Saturday, they are pulling it hard and temp was 63 to 65 degrees, depending on part of lake you're on. ...more Found fish on main points cranking but none to brag about. Shad are every where. Wish I had more help for you. Good luck
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  2. Any recent news on bass fishing, water temperature, etc. for Patoka? Going there in two weeks.

    1. Ted Myers 0
      Nice one. That lake does have some hawgs.
    2. Brandon Burke 0
      step father was there this past week and he pulled in quite a few largemouth, including a very nice 4.5 lb lady hawg. He was using a pumpkin seed zoom lizard.
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  3. Anyone get out on Nolin for bass within the last week?

    1. Ted Myers 0
      Anyone get out on Nolin in March with the water so high? Have a small club tournament this weekend 3/22
    2. Ted Myers 0
      3 oz football jig. hmmmm. Have to go get some cannon balls.
    3. Ted Myers 0
      Cool. Buddy of mine fished this week, had 3 keepers in 4 hours on main lake points. Med. running sexy shad crankbait and Blk/Blue jigs.
    4. Zack Smith 0
      Kinky beaver tails from smity city ... Fished on 1 to 3 oz football jig black/blue in clear water brown/green on the weekends with dirty water
    5. Ted Myers 0
      Usually do well on #7 jointed shad raps as well as chrome/blue back Norman deep baby N
    6. Ted Myers 0
      Thanks. Dang, surprised the water temps are so low already. Beavers seem to work well on Nolin.
    7. Zack Smith 0
      Try beaver tails on the banks where main channel runs right up Tao them... Yes even with the water temp in the 60's
    8. jason metcalf 0
      two weeks ago. The bigger ones hadnt moved shallow yet.
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  4. Details: Rocky flat with drop

    Slow rolled Spinner baits and buzz baits get the nod.

  5. Details: Rocky Flat with ledge

    Crank through the rocks on this point. Buzzbait early AM/eve

  6. Anyone out there have any updates for bass fishing on Rough River? Got a club tournament Sunday and was hoping to get some recent news. I assume fish are fairly ...more deep 15-20 ft on any humps or ledges. Just wondering if any buddies or followers have any recent experiences to relay.

    1. Ted Myers 0
      Much appreciated.
    2. Matt Goetz 0
      We caught some nice bass fishing around submerged boulders throwing Texas rigged lizards in chartreuse flake. I also caught several on a blue/chrome rat-l-trap in ...more the afternoon around chunk rock banks on the main lake.
    3. Ted Myers 0
      Thanks Matt. Any other information on a pattern? I'll be fishing a day tournament. Wacky rig and shallow sounds like either a dock or night pattern
    4. Matt Goetz 0
      A buddy of mine won a tourney 2 weeks ago fishing the wacky rig with no weight. He was fishing shallow too.
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  7. You been out on Rough lately. Got a small club tournament next weekend out of State Ramp. Haven't fished it for a year and never in late summer. Was going ...more to run up north river to last bridge and fish back to state ramp. Any ideas.

  8. Details: Largemouth Bass with a c rig brush hog

    Several keepers across road bed that runs across bay. Pre and post spawn

  9. Details: Largemouth Bass with a c rig brush hog

    Several keeper bass across the road bed that runs all the way across the bay. Pre and post spawn

  10. Details: Rocky point with ledges

    Rocky point with several ledge steps coming out. Consistenly holds bass


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