1. this behemoth was my first bass for a kbf tourney. picture doesn't do the fatness any justice

    21 in. Largemouth Bass

    1. Ben Lea 0
      Homemade spinnerbait
  2. hey Guy, been fishing conneaut? im gonna hit it up Sunday.

    1. Ben Lea 0
      74...air at night has been low 50s but hasnt cooled the water down yet
    2. Guy McMaster 0
      what's the water temp?
    3. Ben Lea 0
      Thanks Guy. Actually fished it today and hit nothing deep on a dropshot. Caught one largemouth on a spinnerbait and a smallmouth on a rubber work up on shoreline. ...more Everything was shallow
    4. Guy McMaster 0
      not in about a month, the fishing was slow, no topwater and nothing deep
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  3. lots of bass on this day but many were dinks. Had enough decent largemouth to be competitive but this smallmouth was my favorite.

    Smallmouth Bass with a gulp minnow on jig

    1. Lee Wilhelm 0
      I haven't been up yet I found it on Google earth and it's on the Shenango river
    2. Ben Lea 0
      Sorry for the late reply Lee. Did you have any luck on that spot?
    3. Lee Wilhelm 0
      Hey Ben never mind I found the spot thanks
    4. Lee Wilhelm 0
      Thanks Ben!
    5. Ben Lea 0
      Lee, I will see what I can find out for you. Nothing like going back to an old fishing hole you fished with your pap.
    6. Lee Wilhelm 0
      Hey Ben they did a video a month or two ago at a little roll dam, on a small river. I think it was called"Jumbo River Smallies" or something like that. ...more The spot looked familiar, like a place my buddies pap used to take us when we were kids. For the life of me I can't remember where it was.
    7. Ben Lea 0
      Guy, I used the word it but I meant to type largemouth bass. Long day! Lol
    8. Ben Lea 0
      Lee, good eye! A good friend of mine started steel city outdoors and has now put me on his label. Good time to Get Hooked!
    9. Ben Lea 0
      Sorry for the late post Guy, but it was caught on a nail weighted senko on a 12 ft shelf
    10. Lee Wilhelm 0
      Hey steel city outdoors
    11. Guy McMaster 0
      nice smallie Ben, dropshot? going to conneaut Mon
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  4. Thought most of these were gone in the lake but it's all good. Only caught 1 out of the 15 fish that were landed. 9 largemouth, 2 rock bass, 3 big perch( 12 ...more in each).

    Bowfin with a white spinnerbait

    1. Guy McMaster 0
      porters cove has a lot of weed cover great for casting, Neely's point has some deeper water
    2. Ben Lea 0
      Awesome! Really appreciate the advice. Lake Arthur would be tough to cover in a kayak. Having a place to start is really helpful.
    3. Guy McMaster 0
      porters cove and Neely's point are a couple of places to try at moraine
    4. Ben Lea 0
      Thanks Guy! I'll look into moraine.
    5. Guy McMaster 0
      that's cool, moraine might be a place in the fall, they catch fish over 50+ every year, I've seen some good muskies at conneaut but it been a few years
    6. Ben Lea 0
      Thanks for the heads up. Might try elsewhere in the state for big one. Side note: current state record musky is held by my great uncle. Would love to keep the ...more record in the family.
    7. Guy McMaster 0
      a guy I work with used to do a lot of muskie fishing up there, he said it has really gone down in the last 5 years
    8. Ben Lea 0
      Good to know there are some tigers in there. Hope all the big pure breads haven't been lost to the boat traffic and bowfin
    9. Guy McMaster 0
      we fished up there until late Oct last year, only caught a 5# 32" northern, we've caught 2 small tigers this year
    10. Ben Lea 0
      Anytime. Waiting for the big cool down to go after those legendary Conneaut musky.
    11. Guy McMaster 0
      thanks for the info Ben
    12. Ben Lea 0
      Guy, surface temp was 79. All bass came out of weed beds to hit spinners and chatterbaits. Down imaging didn't pick anything up in the deep water, so I didn't ...more try jigging for them.
    13. Guy McMaster 0
      how hot is the water?
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  5. slammed a live crawfish

    4 lb. 1 oz. 21 in. Largemouth Bass with a live crawfish

    1. Guy McMaster 0
      that's a nice one
  6. wading a good spillway

    4 lb. 7 oz. 23 in. Smallmouth Bass with a live sucker

    1. Guy McMaster 0
      thanks I appreciate that
    2. Ben Lea 0
      Guy, i'll let you know how it goes.
    3. Guy McMaster 0
      I'm on vacation after the 19th, gonna hit it a couple days
    4. Ben Lea 0
      Congrats on the tourney win. Hoping we can find a few stacked up deep and take advantage of it.
    5. Guy McMaster 0
      haven't been up there since mid July, we won a tournament, it's was a little slow
    6. Ben Lea 0
      Gonna give Conneaut a go on Monday.
    7. Ben Lea 0
      Thanks Guy!
    8. Guy McMaster 0
      nice fish Ben
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  7. 23 in 4.5 lb

    Smallmouth Bass with a live sucker

  8. caught this guy jigging a shakey head right above the top of the weeds. Grabbed some perch, smallies, and a bowfin in the same spot.

    18 in. Largemouth Bass with a shakey head

  9. Had a rough day at Woodcock Creek Lake, went back to one of my spots at Conneaut. Caught 9 largemouth and this big guy.

    1. Guy McMaster 0
      nice one Ben
  10. caught 6 bass from 1lb up to 3.5lb today off of a zman TRD. really loving this bait. caught a dozen bluegill when bass action slowed down. great day on the water

    Largemouth Bass with a TRD

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