1. anyone know of any good fishing going on right now in mid December with the water temp around 35-to low 40s. would prefer to catch crappies and walleye but anything ...more would work to fill my fishing fix

  2. has anyone fished from the banks on mississinewa since it has been flooded. I heard rumors of fishing has been great along the side ditches of the roads that have ...more been flooded. Also does anyone know about the walleye fishing below the dam?

  3. Details: 1 lb. 2 oz. 16 in. Walleye with a flicker shad #6 clown color

    16 inch walleye. caught by dock around 1:30 am. there is a light at this dock which attracts bugs and then with bugs comes minnows then minnows followed by walleye ...more and smallmouth at night.

  4. Details: 10 in. crappie, smallmouth, bluegill with a bitsy minnow by strike king

    6 9-11 inch crappie- two small mouth - one bluegill. inside boat docks preferably covered ones where there is no boat and the lift is d

  5. Details: between islands

    large boulders mixed with small gravel bottom. fish with crankbaits or spinner baits for smallmouth bass. early summer you can catch white bass on topwater


an avid 16 year old fisherman who loves to fish every type of crankbait or topwater you give me, but give me a pole and a some lures and i will ...more catch some fish

Fishing Favorites

  • Species walleye, crappie, bass
  • Waterway lake freeman, kokomo reservoir, private pond
  • Lure rebel pop-r, flicker shad