1. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Picasso Lures Takedown tungsten Shaky Head 1/4oz w/ Gambler Lures Sweebo worm in Green Pumpkin

    Did some more bank fishin at a local pond after an all night & day rain. Stained water and no wind. Caught over 20 bass w/ best 5 about 14#s. This was the best ...more @ 4.9. Most came off of drop shot & jig.

  2. Details: Largemouth Bass with a Drop Shot w/ a Gambler Lures Weebo Worm in "Pinky" color

    Bass fever was running high so went and beat some banks. Caught about 15 in 2hrs. This was the best the pond had to offer. Best 5 went about 16lbs. Clear water, ...more 59 watr temp, 4mph wind. Shallow bass

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      @greatness627 yeah it's a decent spot and @bad_bass you cab get one at msnvsbass.com
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      I like that hat!
    5. greatness627 0
      That's some pond ya got there bud. 👍
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  3. Details: Smallmouth Bass with a Duo Realis Spinbait80

    Doin a little early mornin fishing and this nice 4-04 smaller hammered it SpyBaiting! Water was clear and about 52 degrees. Long cast, counted it down to 14' ...more and super slow retrieve by an eddy.

  4. Tried/heard of Spybaiting yet? U need to get u some of these & give it a try trust me! Casts a mile, sinks 1' per sec Multiple ways to retrieve Slow is best. ...more Helped me cash a check last BFL. 4-8# line

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      Yes they do, keep an eye out on my channel for a video coming soon as well. YouTube.com/FishingGa
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      Tackle ware house has a video on there channel about spy baiting, I'm going to have to give it a try
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  5. 2nd BFL this yr and had a decent day fishing as a co-angler. Was a little tough. Had a limit for 8-09 and finished in 19th. Cut a check tho. My boater had 5 for ...more 5-05. Looking forward to next one.

  6. It sure is nice to have full media credentials @ the Bassmaster Classic. This is almost 1/2 of all the freebies they gave us on Media Day. Lunch with the pros b4 ...more interviewing them 1on1. Life is good!

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      Dude that is sweet - sorry I missed you today
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      That's awesome!
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  7. Day one launch @ the Bassmaster Classic. On my bud's P-Bone's boat. Docked next to my other buddy, Hank Cherry and Fred Boom Boom Roubanis. What a feeling ...more to be able to b on a boat during the event!

  8. Day one launch @ the Bassmaster Classic. One P-Bone's boat docked next to Greg Vinson, David Kilgore, Skeet Reese and KVD as we all r getting ready for parade ...more start and launch. Nearly 5k spectators!

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      That's so awesome!
  9. Patrick Bone getting ready to launch on the 1st day of completion of the Bassmaster Classic. I'm proud of my buddy and lucky to be able to film him on his boat ...more during the Super Bowl of bass fishing!

  10. P-Bone setting the hook on one of his 5 keepers during the 1st day of completion @ the Bassmaster Classic. Temp was around 42 at this point of the day. Fishing in ...more 7' depth ticking the top of eel grass