1. Took my nephew to fish today after checking him out from school

    3 lb. 17 in. Spotted Bass with a worm

    1. David Moore Jr. 0
      It is a Largemouth.
    2. Rob Wainwright 0
      Are you positive that was a spot, looks like a Large Mouth to me
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  2. I am having problems learning Logan Martin I'm just starting out fishing and I've been hard at it got my tackle going it's a starter kit but wish I had ...more the luck a lot of you had at Logan Martin sad part is i live in Odenville so I really want to learn Logan

  3. Buddy and me fishing at the bridge in about 3ft of water at the rock ledge first fish of the day he got in boat

    6 lb. 1 oz. 18 in. Spotted Bass with a frog

    1. Greg wilson 0
      Not sure of the name I believe it was the 431 bridge We launched from Browns creek
    2. Randy Hunt 0
      Great catch Which bridge were u fishing?
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  4. Caught at bird tree at 8pm

    4 lb. 5 oz. 15 in. Spotted Bass with a spinning bait

    1. Greg wilson 0
      Thanks for the correction haven't been fishing long just getting started
    2. Scott Cole 0
      Not a smallmouth. There are no smallmouth in Logan Martin. Spotted Bass. Bet it was fun to catch though.
    3. Joseph Lacy 0
      That is a spot.
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