1. Trolling... trolling.. trolling.... that’s what I do!

  2. Trolling a worm harness

  3. Trolling a worm spinner

  4. A few nice white bass I caught today..

    1. aaron hanson 0
      I was all over the lake in 10-30 feet of water, pulling crankbaits and worm harness
    2. Rick Wheeler 0
      Nice. Can I ask where and what you were using to troll? I have a place on the lake. Thanks
    3. aaron hanson 0
      Boyd lake, was trolling both north and south side in the rain. caught 8 or so only kept the big ones
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  5. 4 keeper walleye today!!!!

    1. Rick Wheeler 0
      Very nice!!!
  6. Wiper, only 1 for the day. Lots of wind and big chop on the water. I hoped to catch more but it didn’t happen.

    1. still a catch and better than sitting at home


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