1. Details: Crappie with a jigs

    10/6/16-Just got back from a 4 day camping trip to Lk. Corpus Cristi State Park.While the trip was more for just getting away,I did spend some serious time jig fishing ...more for crappie off of the big pier at the Park.Jig fishing with just about every color imaginable.Slow.slow catching.I think the summer time temps this fall didn't help.Heard there were good catches a couple weeks back during the norther that came through.Supposed to be another this week-end.Met some great people on the pier.Robbie,Wayne,and Rick-regulars.CON-Not much habitat around the pier to hold crappie.

    1. Robby Serres 0
      Had a great time fishing with you hopefully I can visit your home lake sometime, hope too seeya back again soon
  2. Just got back from a couple of days inside the State Park at Lake Livingston.Water was about 2 ft. above normal.Very much off color
    due to all the rain runoff into ...more the lake.Caught som e nice crappie with the largest being 14 1/2 ".But it was super slow.About a fish an hour.Saw several good catfish catches come in which is normal for this lake.So to make it short.Crappie big,but slow.Catfish good.Water too off color I think for white bass and bass.I did hear they were catching white bass and catfish at the dam with the water being let out at a high rate.

    1. john smith 0
      Have A great Christmas Marcus and hopefully some better fishing reports next year to you and yours.
    2. Marcus King 0
      I've gone out a lot in the last month; but every time the water has been high, and at times looked like the gulf for the waves. Fishing was slim each time but ...more improved when the lake level dropped. Thanks for the Crappie tips!
    3. john smith 0
      Marcus.Was fishing the pier.I usually do ok on crappie this time of year there.Jigs and minnows,but the water was up,it was way off color,and we haven't really ...more had the low temps needed to put them at the pier.Just some FYI though,the park is where a lot of guides put in and take out.I didn't see any guide boats the 4 days I was there.that tells me the water is not right for things like white bass.Catfish are good I think,but I go for one fish and one fish only.Crappie..)
    4. Marcus King 0
      John, where were you at on Livingston? I see you mentioned the state park, were you bank or boat fishing?
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  3. Any activity or updates on water conditions since the big rains?3/31/15

    1. Chris Wood 0
      Water is 1.38 feet high, was choppy, and very muddy. Some debris in the water too.
  4. 10/10/13-Water appeared to be about 3 1/2-4 foot low.Water murky around shallows.Threw everything in the box trying to catch something..Caught several crappie on ...more blue and white jigs...Keepers were scarce.Minnows were working but no keepers.Catfish as usual were the key...minnows and jigs...worms did not work for us...We tried to find the white bass,but were unsuccessful..We were on the State Park side..So maybe other areas were more active..

  5. Lake Livingston was hot and the fishing was cold.White bass were biting good last week,but has since turned slow.Catfishing seems to always be good.Crappie slow ...more and small.We caught a mess of fish,but we worked for e'm.