1. Crappie at Sharon Harris Lake

  2. Caught some nice crappie Friday, April 28,2017

    1. David Lewis 0
      It was good, weather was good , didn't catch a lot of bass however the ones we caught were quality
  3. Crappie

    1. Pastor Ronald Chavis 0
      Ok.. If you will hit me up tomorrow..
    2. David Lewis 0
      can you please let me know? I am coming from Delaware TDsealer@aol.com
    3. Pastor Ronald Chavis 0
      Sorry sir, these were caught last week, looking to go there tomorrow to see..
    4. David Lewis 0
      how is the lake, has the flooding had any affect? I am looking to go there Monday?
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  4. Nice crappie from Harris..

  5. My daughters first bass...among many she caught on a trip to chapel hill area

  6. 2 lb crappie from private pond...

  7. 46 lb cat from pee dee river at bluette falls lake....nc