1. Hi Sam was curious if you've been out fishing, over there in the Sandusky Bay area recently? Had any success at all? if you got a second would appreciate some ...more feedback. Moved from Oak Harbor back to Toledo, so I am a little further away from the awesome fishery over there. thanks Tim Swartz

    1. Tim Swartz 0
      Cool Thanks for the update, been wanting to go out over that way 1 last time before it gets too cold. So i appreciate the feedback, have a great evening
    2. Sam Debartolo 0
      my parents went out to the second bout out of Huron and caught 27 perch and they were all fat, I was up this past weekend but there was no going out in that stuff, ...more walleye should be running soon
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  2. Smallmouth with a Dark green tube jig

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