1. Going to name him , raise him the eat him:)

    1. Collin Collin 0
      Yellow bullhead but I can't quite see the bottom whiskers so it may be a black bull. @davidapple
    2. samevers 0
      the perfect Disney film
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    1. David apple 0
      Snapped the hook when I tried to land him love spider wire
    2. Jackson Jackson 0
      Yum turtle stew, can you keep them in Kansas?
    3. fishguy713 0
      lol it looks like its smiling haha
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    1. David apple 0
      Abu Garcia bro
    2. tillerenzo 0
      Is that a Diawa Lagoona reel?
    3. David apple 0
      "Dad, I like fishing more than video games"
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    1. Al_Beez 0
      Looks weird but nice
  2. Details: Channel Catfish

    1. David apple 0
      Thanks bro
    2. Neil Drummond 0
      that's a nice channel cat!!
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