1. Details: Spotted (Speckled) Trout with a live shrimp under a poppin cork. shimano stradic with 50# braid and a 40 pound mono leader.

    went out of delta marina with jody donware out of empire, louisania. we targeted mainly trout but it was slow. we caught a few here and there at each spot. then ...more we spent about an hour targeting redfish around the marsh. we ended with 54 trout and 7 redfish. the fish made us work today but it was worth it!!

    1. Roger Connolly 0
      Nice haul.
    2. Gabe Mitchell 0
      We'll look at it
    3. Ryan Money 0
    4. Ryan Money 0
    5. Ryan Money 0
      hey @mullethead my profile is messed up. i have 100 blerts, 80 of which the location was shared, and it says i have 89 blerts with intel. as cool as that is i know ...more i dont have that many blerts with
    6. Ryan Money 0
      haha hopefully soon @ReelGame
    7. Gabe Mitchell 0
      @GunnerNewberry lol, I need another day like that. Hitting Chocolate with @matt tomorrow, gong to see a boat load of gafftops that looks just like this
    8. ReelGame Saucedo 0
      Good haul when is the fish fry
    9. Gunner Newberry 0
      @MulletHead had to work real hard for it. Like that day we had to grind out a limit on gadwall island.
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  2. Details: White Bass with a pet spoon

    we trolled around the channel around the island and also a few other spots with no luck. its obvious that theyre feeding on shad but i dont think our down riggers ...more were diving deep enough

  3. Details: Largemouth Bass with a wacky rigged senko

    didnt have as much luck today. only caught 2 small fish but i did see this. thats a small crawfish in that bass' mouth. that means jigs with craw trailers are ...more going to be working, also rage craws and havoks. im gonna test this theory tomorrow in the same pond hopefully we will get into a few!!

    1. Ryan Money 0
      yep! their mouths are key in finding out what they've been eating @robbiezudock
    2. Robbie Zudock 0
      Also look at if there lip is redish pink they have bed feeding on craw
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  4. Details: Largemouth Bass with a h2o express sexy shad crankbait

    this was my second biggest fish from today. this one went 4.5 # between my uncle and i we had a 20 + pound bag. we caught some really solid fish today on flats and ...more humps out in the open water. i threw crankbaits and the alabama rig and a texas rigged worm. the lake is starting to heat up and the fish are getting more agressive. fast moving baits burned over flats and grass seems to be the key.

    1. AllWaterLife 0
  5. Details: Largemouth Bass with a texas rigged trick worm

    today was great. this fish went 5.11 lbs. close to my PB. caught this guy throwing in open water near brush piles. this fish grabbed it and just sat there. i set ...more the hook and there he was. awesome catch awesome day

  6. Details: Largemouth Bass with a alabama rig

    headed out to lake fayette today with my uncle. this was early in the morning at 8:30 we were fishing a pond dam in about 4-5 FOW and i started chunking my A-Rig ...more around. next thing i know i get a bite. i reel it up to find two fish. what a way to start off the day and it only got better from there. overcast 10 mph winds

  7. Details: Largemouth Bass with a A- Rig

    picked up a YUM flash mob jr. a couple days ago. used it for the first time today and had great success. 87 degrees 10 mph wind. throwing around patches of grass ...more that the fish were holding under. i made long casts and burned it past structure which got me the reaction bite

  8. Details: Largemouth Bass with a white spinnerbait

    proud to be reppin spinnerbobs lures. today my buddy michael caught this monster 6 pounder. great day and lots of fish on the A-Rig and a white spinnerbait

    1. TrippyT2 0
      Nice bass bro
    2. Ryan Money 0
    3. Ryan Money 0
      @musiccitybass @LivewellHero does this count?
    4. part_time_fisher 0
      Oh, nice!!!
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  9. Details: Blue Catfish with a live sunfish

    these are the ones from this morning. all of them were 2 pounds up to the biggest one which was 6 pounds. all good eaters. we had the two lines both running all ...more the way across oyster creek near the dam. both lines were a total of 50 hooks. the water is starting to warm up and the night fishing bite for catfish is about to be in full swing! happy trot lining!

    1. emandem999 0
      i fished off the row boat docks a couple times with no luck
  10. Details: Spotted Gar with a live sunfish

    more trotline action! we set the other line and were ready to bait and check them one more time for the night

    1. Ryan Money 0
      yep @lainedillard
    2. Laine Dillard 0
      Good eats
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My name is Ryan and I am 16. I live in houston but fish Lousania, Misssissippi, and the Texas gulf coast for anything that swims. Ive caught ...more redfish, trout, flounder, sheepshead, plenty of hardheads, catfish, gafstop, largemouth, smallmouth, white bass, stingray, and sharks. I also fish my local neighborhood ponds for bass and catfish. I love fishing. I will fish under any circumstances.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Redfish
  • Waterway Biloxi Back Bay
  • Lure Rooster tail