1. White Crappie

    1. antwan Roberson 0
      ok. cool. thanks for the info. seems like they are almost ready to go shallow and spawn. pre spawn mode. they are holding tight til that water temperature comes ...more up some.
    2. alex c 0
      The walleyes came on worms on the bottom and trolling
    3. alex c 0
      Some came trolling flicker shads and the other half came on crappie rigs with bass minnows. It seemed like they were all a foot or two off the bottom in 9 to 12 ...more feet of water. Boat launch to the bridge
    4. antwan Roberson 0
      how deep. don't need your spots. thanks
    5. Joe R 0
      should I look deep or they shallow already?
    6. alex c 0
      Tons. Last Saturday had about 100 all over 9",7 walleye 3 keepers
    7. Joe R 0
      didn't know heidecke had that many crappie
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  2. Black Crappie

    1. Ray Vega 0
      What area?
  3. 6 lb. 33 in. Northern Pike with a sucker

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